Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad First Impressions...

iPad First Impressions
...When Worlds Converge...

On iPad launch day which was this Saturday, I had a chance to check out the new iPad and I was very impressed, particularly for its future potential more as a consumption device than a creation device, which ironically makes it more like a TV than a computer...

In the not so distant future I will be doing a detailed review, but I thought I would share this image with you. One of the most interesting aspects of this image is seeing an old-world (29 years to be exact) Rolex magazine ad, meeting and being viewed on next generation Apple iPad technology...


Tanya said...

Dear Jake,
RolexMagazine is totally rad! Interesting post today. I, myself, am not an Apple-lover in general; however it would be most wonderful to be able to read your amazing magazine on an iPad. An interesting iPad critique I heard on NPR today-- it's not like a laptop where the programs/applications are limitless. Rather, Apple controls the applications and, therefore, the content. Hopefully, this issue won't affect your fab magazine!

Jake Ehrlich said...

Dear Tanya,

Rolex Magazine is totally rad!!!

I know that secretly you are an Apple FanGirl ;-)))

Think cookbooks on the iPad ;-)))

It is an interesting point you bring up about Apple controlling the applications that can run on the iPad, just like with the iPhone.

Apple's logic is they want to do everything they can to ensure the applications are as stable as possible, particularly for the iPhone because they don't want a renegade application to potentially goof up the overall stability and quality of the experience.

Their approval process also helps to protect your sensitive data on your device by not allowing other applications to access it.

This "walled garden" approach has benefits and detriments to it.

Emerson once wrote: "For everything we miss we gain something else, and for everything we gain we miss something else." I imagine there is always some kind of trade-off or Quid Pro Quo in life.

I am working on a detailed review of the iPad and in it I will discuss all the ups and downs I have found. One of the big challenges I found with the iPad and Jake's Rolex World in its current iteration is that Safari does not load all the images, which looks terrible. It also does not properly align the right side-bar to the edge of the screen which makes it look terrible.

It is interesting because the Safari browser on my iPhone does the same thing. I was hoping since the iPad was so much higher in resolution it would fix this, but that is not the case. I know that on April 8, Apple will be showing off the iPhone 4.0 platform and I hope Safari will be improved for it to work properly. I don't understand how a browser could be designed to just stop loading images!?!?

Also, the fact that the iPad does not support Flash is extremely frustrating!!! It just leaves huge blank spaces that look like missing images, but it is missing videos!!!! This just seems completely lame to me!!!! I mean, Flash works on any Apple laptop or desktop, but not on the iPad!?!?!?

I have been working on a complete UI makeover of Jake's Rolex World for a long time now, to make it much better, but it is extremely complicated. The biggest design challenge for me is to figure out if I should design and develop an application for the iPad, which I am leaning toward, but then the question is how that should effect the web version? Ideally they should be the same methinks...

Unfortunately the iPad is making my job much more complicated instead of easier, but I am certain it will work out well.

Thanks for writing in and thank you very much for sharing your kind words!!!