Monday, May 10, 2010

A Note From Jake: Celebrating The 4th Year of Jake's Rolex World!!!!

A Note From Jake

Celebrating The 4th Year of Jake's Rolex World!!!!

This last weekend, as I wrote The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona, the 3rd anniversary of Jake's Rolex World came and went. It is hard to believe I have been working full-time on publishing Jake's Rolex World for 3 straight years!!!! On average, I have worked 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, because I am extremely passionate about capturing this amazing and highly inspirational history before it disappears.

When I first began Jake's Rolex World back in May of 2008, I had one crystal-clear objective, and that was to take everything I learned over the prior quarter-century about Rolex and put it all in one place–on the world wide web–so I could share it with the world.

I remember just before I started Jake's Rolex World, wondering if I would even be able to build a blog around a company that made less than a dozen core watch models. I was worried I would run out of content and boy was I wrong!!!! It turned out to be quite the opposite, and as soon as I started unearthing and solving one Rolex history mystery, it would inevitably lead to another.

I felt like I was wandering around the world, looking for clues, and I would see a rock, and my intuition would tell me there was probably a lobster under the rock, so I would lift up the rock, and instead, I would find a Tyrannosaurus Rex smiling at me. And yes, you guessed–it kept happening over and over again, as it does to this day.

At the time I stated Jake's Rolex, I had no idea, it would evolve and snowball into what it has become today. When I hear readers refer to Jake's Rolex World as The Bible Of Rolex or Rolexpedia it makes me proud I was able to capture and share this amazing history with you!!!

The most important thing to understand about Jake's Rolex World, is despite the fact it has my name on it, it really belongs to the Rolex community. Without the online Rolex community, I never could have built Jake's Rolex World. There have been an innumerable number of people who lovingly contributed all kinds of content including photos of watches, people wearing Rolex, tidbits of information, video and all kinds of other valuable insight and information.

In my mind, Jake's Rolex World is proof positive of what passionate people can do to collaborate on the World Wide Web. While it is true I am a real historian, willing to dig-deep and not just simply regurgitate (like a parakeet) other peoples words, in the final analysis I am just the messenger. Without your enthusiasm, passion and insight there would be no Jake's Rolex World.

I believe when you study the engaging Rolex history, you inevitably become part of it. Once, three years ago, I asked you (my readers) to help support the future of Jake's Rolex World by making a donation. Today I am asking you to please make a donation to support the future progress of Jake's Rolex World.

I am working on some amazing research projects as well as an iPad application that will be incredible, so if you want to keep seeing great, insightful, detailed articles like the Paul Newman Daytona story below this note, as well as fascinating podcasts, please help support future progress by making a donation today.

Warmest regards,


Editor and Publisher of Jake's Rolex World


Abel said...

Hello Jake!!

I´m delighted to to see that your Great Blog came to be three years old, and entered in its fourth year of offering watch fans this wonderful site, full of interesting info, which is welcomed not only by Rolex followers, but by everyone interested in watches, and those who like to be surprised every day with so many different themes: History, Presidents, airplanes, diving, and a long etcetera!!

You are very generous and humble sharing the success of Rolex Magazine with your followers, and with those who in some way or another, has sent you some hint, piece of info, etc..
But truth is that the big secret of what Rolex Mag is today, resides in your BIG Efforts, and thirst for knowledge, investigation, research, and search for the truth and details behind the brand, and the many subjects you bring to your readers.

Your web site is indeed, the Rolexpedia, a delight to read and to watch so many stunning pictures, of watches and of people who wear a Rolex watch in their wrists, but which also helped to change our World with their own investigations, expeditions, adventures, discoveries, or sports.

Thank you for your Magazine, and for mantaining the same enthusiasm year after year, and I wish all the best for the future years of your Great Rolex Mag.
Please receive my best cordial regards, Abel/Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Count said...


Congratulations on your 4th anniversary!! You have undoubtedly made one of the biggest contributions to the Rolex collector community.

Best wishes on continued success my friend.

James Bond