Friday, September 17, 2010

Rolex Breguet Ad Yellow Gold Day-Date

1974 Breguet Pocket-Watch Ad
Yellow Gold Day-Date

Pocket-watches from
The Hans Wilsdorf Collection

Nadav is a fan of Jake's Rolex World and he send in this vintage Rolex magazine advertisement with a note saying it is his favorite Rolex ad of all time!!! Thanks for sharingNadav!!!

It is fascinating to note the pocketwatches are from the Hans Wilsdorf collection. Hans Wilsdorf was the founder of Rolex and he was a huge fan of vintage pocketwatches. Speaking of Hans Wilsdorf, I have an amazing story coming up that I hope to publish this holiday season that covers Hans Wilsdorf's amazing career achievements!!!

I was surprised to learn from this ad that the Breguet in this ad that was made in 1825 had "One of the first automatic movements." I always thought Rolex made the first "Automatic" movement when they patented their automatic Perpetual movement in 1931?

I never realized pocket-watches had automatic movements almost 200 years ago!?!?! It just goes to show that indeed, we do learn something new everyday!!!

I must also admit, the more I study this ad, the more I like it, and understand why it is Nadav's favorite. It is really profound, the more you think about it!!!!!

I argue, that in order to truly understand and appreciated Rolex today, we must completely understand all of Rolex history–especially Hans Wilsdorf's achievements, and to best understand Hans Wildorf, we must understand what horological history inspired him...

Rolex history is basically like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. First you begin by separating all the puzzle pieces with straight edges, and you figure out how to put them together, then you start working inward, which is exactly what I have been doing all these years.

I don't know that we will ever have all the pieces, but I am certain we will have most of them in place. I must also mention that as we get closer to the center of the puzzle, I am still amazed at how incredible and rich the history is!!!


Nadav Gabay said...
here a collection of lots of unusual colcks and watches in the Museum for islamic art in Jerusalem.
it's a collection of Breguet watches and another unique clocks like the Queen of all watches - the Mary Antuanet watch. i'm posting it becuase when I visit the Museum my dad let me notice of a Breguet watch with a perpetual winding. And untill then I allso tougth that automatic movemetst is a patent by rolex... very extrodenery gallery

jrexgis said...

very lovely collection you have here :) cheers to you!