Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Warren Buffett: Wealthiest Man In The United States...

...Rolex Super-Coolness...

Warren Buffett

Worlds Wealthiest Investor
Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date

The $63 Billion Man

Warren Buffett is a very interesting man. On the one hand, he is extremely simple and un-materialistic–yet in his extremely successful career as an investor with Berkshire-Hathaway, he has managed to squirrel-away more nuts than any other American. Warren Buffet has worn his trademark yellow gold Rolex Day-Date for decades and is a big fan of Rolex.

Becoming Warren Buffett

2017 HBO Documentary

HBO Documentaries recently completed the documentary you can watch below, titled "Becoming Warren Buffet." This amazingly insightful documentary shares many intimate details about his life journey and achievements. In the documentary it states that Warren Buffett has already given away $24.3 Billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock, and his remaining shares are worth over $63 Billion. This puts him on a trajectory to hit over $100 Billion in his lifetime.

The Oracle Of Omaha

The most amazing statistic on Warren Buffett is that in you purchased one share of Berkshire Hathaway fifty years ago, it would have cost around $19. Today that share would be worth around $200,000. Warren Buffett is renowned for dispensing fascinating advice. He said, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." 

He also once said: "The more you learn, the more you earn." 

"Success is getting what you want & happiness is wanting what you get." –Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is pictured below meeting with President Obama in the White House in 2008 to give him economic advise on how to turn the American economy around.

Buffett On Rolex

Warren Buffett is a big fan of Rolex and has been wearing his Rolex Day-Date for many years. Buffett was once asked what he thought about Rolex as a company and if he would ever be interested in purchasing Rolex. Buffett responded by saying: 
"Luxury watchmakers such as Geneva-based Rolex are great companies. They know my phone number, but they haven't called.''
At some point Warren Buffett actually reached out to Rolex and told them he was interested in purchasing them, and of course they politely declined, and told him they are not for sale, since Rolex is owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Trust. This makes sense as Warren Buffett typically purchases and invests in companies whose products he likes and uses...

Buffett On Time

Warren Buffett is considered by some to be an unusual CEO, as he has always instructed his secretary to try to schedule as few appointments as possible. Instead, Warren Buffett likes to sit in his office and read and think.

Warren Buffet was recently talking about time and he said: 

“I can buy anything I want—but I can’t buy time. I better be careful with time. For 54 years, I spent 5 minutes driving each way to work. If I spent more time, the only thing I would have learned was the words to more songs."—Warren Buffett.

Bill Gates is best friends with Warren Buffett and he said, on the subject of Warren's time management: 

“You control your time. Sitting and Thinking may be a much higher priority, than a normal CEO who feels like they need to go and see all these people. It is not a proxy of your seriousness that you have filled every minute of your schedule.” –Bill Gates,

Buffett On Coke

Warren Buffett is probably the largest stakeholder in the Coca Cola Company. In the video below you can see Warren Buffett wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. What do Coca Cola and Rolex have in common? The Coca Cola curved bottle is completely timeless just like Rolex watches.

Sam Walton

Don't ask me why, but for some reason when I was younger I used to get Warren Buffett confused with Sam Walton. I think it was since they kind of looked alike, and were both ultra-successful zillionaires that wore Rolex Day-Dates?

Monday, February 27, 2017

1966 Rolex Submariner Brochure [Reference 5513]

1966 Rolex Submariner Brochure
[Reference 5513]

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rolex Spotting @ The 89th Academy Awards

Rolex Spotting 

@ The 89th Academy Awards

Rolex is an official sponsor of the 89th Oscars, which is exciting so I thought I would capture some images of people live at the Oscar's wearing Rolex. In this first photo we see Ryan Gosling in the audience at the Oscars, and I noticed him wearing his vintage Rolex Air-King, which he wore when he won the 2017 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor

Ryan Gosling is pictured below next to his gorgeous older sister, Mandi, at the 89th Academy Awards.

Ryan Gosling co-starred with Emma Stone in the 2017 Blockbuster hit titled, "La La Land", which was nominated for 14 Oscars. La La Land was expected by many to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, and Ryan Gosling seemed like he was a likely candidate to win for Best Actor, which he did not, despite the fact that Emma Stone his co-star in La La Land won the Oscar for Best Actress.

In La La Land

Despite having decorated the Green Room @ last years 2016 Academy Awards, as well as this year, this was Rolex's first year as an official sponsor of the Oscar's.

The last Oscar award of the 2017 Academy Awards was for Best Picture, and there was a mistake that said La La Land won for Best Picture. About a minute later, after the La La Land crew were on stage giving their acceptance speeches, they were told there was an error and that they did not win!?!! The photo below was taken at that moment Ryan Gosling realized what was going on, and that Moonlight had won the Oscar for Best Picture...which explains his look of almost disbelief on his face.

Image of Ryan Gosling appears courtesy of Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

It's interesting because the Rolex Academy Awards "Celebrating Cinema" TV commercial seen in the story before this one, concludes by saying, "IT DOESN'T JUST TELL TIME. IT TELLS HISTORY." This slogan seems perfectly on-point when you look at the photo above of Ryan Gosling wearing his vintage Rolex Air-King, standing on the stage of the 2017 Academy Awards for the Best Picture, witnessing the absolute most fascinatingly bizarre/shocking/blunderous/cringe-inducing/non-sensical/memorable moment in La La Land Oscar History.

Image of Ryan Gosling appears courtesy of Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

In case you missed the pandemonium that revolved around the Academy Award for Best Picture, you can watch it in the video below. I watched this live, and was stunned, as was everybody else :-0

The Los Angeles Times published the fascinating photo below that shows the Academy Award audience in a state of shock, as the confusion ensued during the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Update: February 28, 2017: Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) missed this statement today which explains what happened:

Price Waterhouse Coopers 

"We sincerely apologize to "Moonlight," "La La Land," Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture. The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered, was immediately corrected. We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.

"We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation."


Update: February 28, 2017: The Academy Awards also issued the following statement:

The Academy Awards

"We deeply regret the mistakes that were made during the presentation of the Best Picture category during last night’s Oscar ceremony. We apologize to the entire cast and crew of ' La La Land' and 'Moonlight' whose experience was profoundly altered by this error. We salute the tremendous grace they displayed under the circumstances. To all involved —  including our presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, the filmmakers, and our fans watching worldwide  —  we apologize.

"For the last 83 years, the Academy has entrusted PwC to handle the critical tabulation process, including the accurate delivery of results. PwC has taken full responsibility for the breaches of established protocols that took place during the ceremony. We have spent last night and today investigating the circumstances, and will determine what actions are appropriate going forward. We are unwaveringly committed to upholding the integrity of the Oscars and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."

Rolex On The Red Carpet

In the photo below we see Michael Strahan On The Red Carpet wearing a Rolex DEEP-SEA while interviewing John Legend.

In the photo below we get a side profile of Michael Strahan's Rolex DEEP-SEA Special as he interviews Halle Berry.

The image below from GQ shows Ryan Gosling at an Academy Awards pre-event wearing his vintage stainless steel Rolex Air-King.

Kenneth Lonegran 

Best Original Screenplay Oscar
Manchester By The Sea

Next up we see Kenneth Lonergran who was nominated for two Academy Awards in 2017, for his film titled, "Manchester By The Sea." Kenneth won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Director. He was also nominated in 2001 for Best Screenplay for, "You Can Count On Me", and in 2003 for "Gangs Of New York."

Kenneth Lonergran is pictured above with Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon after just having won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Ben Affleck's younger brother, Casey Affleck is pictured below with Kenneth Lonegran on the set of "Manchester By The Sea." Casey Affleck won the 2017 Academy Award for Best Actor.

In the photo above and below you can see Kenneth Lonergran wearing his stainless steel Rolex Submariner.

Manchester By The Sea was also nominated for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards, but lost out to Moonlight. All together, Manchester By The Sea was nominated for 6 Academy Awards.

Casey Affleck 

Best Actor Oscar
Manchester By The Sea

Below we see Casey Affleck holding his Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Manchester By The Sea, which was produced by Amazon Studios.

In the photo below we see Casey Affleck on stage at the Rolex Awards for Enterprise 40th Anniversary celebration where he made an award presentation. Casey is not only an actor, but also a director. He has starred in many movies including Ocean's Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen, as well as Good Will Hunting.

Ryan Seacrest 

Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona

Ryan Seacrest is pictured below at the 2017 Oscars wearing his vintage stainless steel Rolex Daytona.

Jason Bateman 

Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona

Jason Bateman was a presenter at the 2017 Academy Awards, and he was wearing his vintage Rolex Daytona as seen below.

Justin Theroux 

Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner

Justin Theroux is pictured below wearing his vintage yellow gold Rolex Submariner with his beautiful wife, Jennifer Aniston at the 2017 Academy Awards.

Jennifer Aniston is a well known Rolex fanatic as she wears many, many different Rolex models. We see the couple backstage at the 89th Oscars in this photo which appears courtesy of The Los Angeles Times.

Rolex Celebrating Cinema @ 89 Academy Awards

Rolex Goes "Rolex Spotting"

Rolex Celebrating Cinema

Rolex TV Commercial @ Academy Awards

This evening the 89th Annual Academy Awards will take place, and Rolex is a sponsor of the highly iconic event. Rolex will be airing their Rolex Commercial for "Celebrating Cinema" video on ABC during the event this evening. Before I started publishing Jake's Rolex World a decade ago, I was always into Rolex Spotting. In other words, ever since I was fourteen or so, I would notice when people were wearing Rolex watches, both in my personal life and on TV and in The movies. I would even notice in books and magazines, and later on the internet.

When I started Jake's Rolex World, I did so because I thought that seeing real people wearing Rolex watches fascinating—especially, seeing famous, iconic movie stars. Thus, I became obsessed with Rolex Spotting (in case you didn't notice :-). It seems Rolex itself, has also become a bit fascinated with Rolex Spotting as we witness in the Rolex "Celebrating Cinema" video that appears below, and will be aired tonight during the Academy Awards.

"In the art of film-making, it’s the smallest details that bring a world to life. Only when every detail is just right can the audience be truly immersed. Rolex is proud to recognize the art and craft of film-making, and to have played a part in some of cinema’s most iconic moments." —ROLEX

Rolex Spotting

Rolex Celebrating Cinema Video

So I am going to try to identify all the movies, actors and actresses in the Rolex Celebrates Cinema video above. 

Peter Sellers
Pink Panther: A Shot In The Dark
Yellow Gold Rolex GMT-Master

The opening scene I believe is from The Pink Panther series comedy movie titled, A Shot In The Dark, which featured Peter Sellers, as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, which is obviously a play on Jacques Cousteau. A Shot In The Dark was written, directed and produced by Academy Award winner, Blake Edwards, who later wrote, produced and directed the 1979 movie "10" which starred Bo Derek and Dudley Moore.

Paul Newman
The Color Of Money
Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust

Next up we see Rolex High Priest, Paul Newman in a scene from the 1986 movie named, The Color Of Money.

The reason I metaphorically refer to Paul Newman as a "Rolex High Priest" is because he wore his exotic white dial Daytona, as seen below, which is considered among vintage Rolex collectors to be one of the coolest and most collectable Rolex watches ever made.

Fay Dunaway
Yellow Gold & Stainless Ladies Datejust

The next scene is of Fay Dunaway from the 1976 movie titled "Network". In the scene we see Fay Dunaway wearing her yellow gold and stainless steel Rolex ladies Datejust.

 Of course the most famous line from Network, was "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

The next image seen below of Fay Dunaway was taken the morning after she won the 1976 Academy Awards Oscar for Best Actress In a Leading Role, for her performance in Network. 

Harrison Ford
Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust

Next up we see Harrison Ford, starring in the 1988 movie titled, "Frantic", and he is wearing his stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a white dial with back Roman numerals.

If you think about it, a persons choice of watch is a very good extension of their personality, and Harrison Ford's choice is a very accurate example. The watch is not blingy, but super classic, and masculine in a streamlined kind of way...just like Harrison Ford.

Dustin Hoffman
Marathon Man
Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master

Next in the Rolex Celebrates Cinema we see Dustin Hoffman sporting his Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master in the 1976 thriller movie titled Marathon Man.

Dennis Hopper
Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master

In this next image we see Dennis Hopper from the 1994 motion picture titled, "Speed", sporting his Rolex GMT-Master. Speaking of GMT-Master and Dennis Hopper, he also produced and directed and starred in the cult classic, Born To Be Wild, which featured Peter Fonda wearing a yellow gold Rolex GMT-Master.

Apollo 13
Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master

This next image is from the movie Apollo 13, and it shows two men wearing Rolex GMT-Master watches as they are watching for the Apollo 13 module to land in the ocean so it can be retrieved.

The photo below shows Apollo 13 crew member Jack Swigert wearing his Pepsi GMT-Master, as he prepares to take off to go to the moon.

The photo below shows Jack Swigert's actual GMT-Master he wore when he traveled to the moon and back aboard Apollo 13, which he gave to Rolex Director, Rene-Paul Jeanneret.

Rolex Director, Rene-Paul Jeanneret was so impressed with the gift Jack Swigert gave him, that in-turn he gave Jack Swigert a yellow gold Rolex GMT-Master on a matching Jubilee bracelet, as we see in the photo below.

Bill Paxton
Belongs To The Ages

Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner

The next piece of footage in the Rolex Celebrates Cinema is of Bill Paxton from the movie, "Titanic." In an ironic twist of fate, the Emmy Award-Winning actor, Bill Paxton passed away yesterday. His passing was shocking as he was only 61 years old, and also since I just completed the story on Titanic Director, James Cameron and Rolex. Bill Paxton wore a yellow gold Rolex Submariner in the movie, Titanic, as seen below.

Bill Paxton starred in many famous movie including Apollo 13TitanicThe TerminatorTrue LiesTwister, and Aliens. He was also the lead actor on the TV series Big Love, which ran from 2006-2011 on HBO.

Bill Paxton's family released a statement today saying he dies as a result of surgery complication. Man...life is fragile... 

Jim Carrey
I Love You Phillip Morris
Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner

Next up we see Jim Carry from the movie, I Love Your Phillip Morris, from 2009. We see him giving a gift of a yellow gold Rolex Submariner.

Marlon Brando
The Fugitive Kind

OK. This one is easy for me, as it is Marlon Brando starring in The Fugitive Kind in 1960, where he gives Joanne Woodward a Rolex.

Nick Nolte
The Deep
Rolex Submariner

This next movie, The DEEP, is one that always brings back fantastic memories. I remember seeing The DEEP in movie theaters in 1977, and it blew my mind. Nick Nolte was so cool wearing his Rolex Submariner, and Jacqueline Bisset was gorgeous. There is something so fascinating about aquatic movies that feature an actor wearing a Submariner.

Terrence Howard
Dead Man Down 
Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date?

This next clip is from the movie, Dead Man Down, and features Terrence Howard wearing either a Rolex Day-Date in yellow gold, or a Datejust.

Gabriel Byrne
The Usual Suspects
Rolex Submariner

This next photo shows Gabriel Byrne from the movie, The Usual Suspects wearing a Rolex Submariner.

Owen Wilson
The Life Aquatic
Rolex GMT-Master

Next we see Owen Wilson in the movie titled, "The Life Aquatic", wearing a stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master.

David Oyelowo
Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust

Next up we see David Oyelowo portraying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in the movie titled, "Selma". 

Dr. King Martin Luther King Jr., wore a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date in real life as seen in the photos below.

Marlon Brando
Apocalypse Now
Stainless Steel Rolex GMT-Master

In the next scene in the Rolex Celebrating Cinema video we see Marlon Brando from the movie Apocalypse Now, as seen in the image below. In is interesting to note that Marlon Brando is the only actor that appears in twice in the Rolex Celebrating Cinema video.

In this next set of photos we see Marlon Brando wearing his Rolex GMT Master in the movie Apocalypse Now. Apocalypse Now was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and Marlon Brando played Colonel Walter Kurtz. Notice his Rolex GMT Master is missing its bezel. The following set of photos were taken by Mary Ellen Mark from Apocalypse Now.

Guy Pearce
LA Confidential
Rolex Bubleback

Next up we see Guy Pearce checking his Rolex Bubbleback to see what time it is. 

Benecio Del Toro
Che: Part II
Rolex GMT-Master

Next up we see Benecio Del Toro staring in the movie titled, "CHE: Part II: Guerrilla".

Che Guevara wore a Rolex GMT-Master in real life, as seen in the photos below.

Charles Bronson
The Mechanic
Rolex Submariner

The last piece of footage in the Rolex Celebrates Cinema video is of Charles Bronson starring in the movie named "The Mechanic", where he wore a stainless steel Rolex Submariner.