Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nico Rosberg: Tesla Model 3 v. Porsche GT2 Drag Race On Monaco Pier

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Nico Rosberg

Formula 1 World Champion

Rolex Ambassador

Tesla Model 3 v. Porsche GT2 RS

Drag Race On Monaco Pier

Rolex ambassador and retired Formula 1 racing legend Nico Rosberg is at it again! This time racing a Porsche GT2 against a Tesla Model 3, and the results may surprise you. Fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride.

The Porsche GT2 RS starts around $300,000 and the Tesla Model 3 Performance is around $58,000. You could buy more than five Tesla Model 3s for the price of one Porsche GT2 RS!?!! 

Also, the Tesla Model 3 can seat five people and has all-wheel drive which the Porsche cannot match...

Update #1: Tesla just showed off their all-new Version 3 Superchargers today, which can charge a Tesla faster than 1000MPH!!!! Tesla claims the V3 Supercharger can add 75 miles of range with only 5 minutes or charging!!!

Update #2: James May, former Top Gear host just took the flagship Tesla P100D for a test drive and concluded:

"The Tesla Model S P100D is the greatest muscle car that America has ever produced. which means it's the Greatest Muscle Car the world has EVER produced!!!" —James May

Nico Rosberg is one really cool DooooooD, and not only is he a Rolex brand ambassador, but you can tell he is totally into Rolex...

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Japanese Rolex Daytona 

Racing Leaflet

1972 Reference 6241

Rolex Daytona has always been inspired by and associated with high-performance automobiles as seen below in this Japanese Rolex Cosmograph Daytona leaflet from 1972. Ironically, we see Monaco in the background of this image. It's a small world after all...