Tuesday, April 28, 2020

On The Hunt For the REAL Rolex Milgauss History...

On The Hunt For the REAL

Rolex Milgauss History

1957 Rolex Master Catalog

The Truth Is Out There

On April 22, 2020 I first published this story which showcased the 1958 Rolex Master Catalog (which can be seen in the second half of this story), and much to my surprise a reader of Jake's Rolex World on our Instagram account named Gustavo @rolextudorplanet mentioned that the Rolex Milgauss didn't exist in the 1957 Rolex Master Catalog, and he knew this as he had a copy. I reached out to Gustavo and asked if he would send in a copy and he did so. 

Gustavo said: 

You have to notice the page with the professional watches has got two pictures cut, the one on top left was an Oyster Perpetual but instead you see a beautiful square watch Reference 9156 from a previous page. 

Also one of the Turn-O-Graph pictures was cut, showing instead a white dial OP ref 6420, also from the page in the back. It's funny to think that the dealer cut the pics for customers to go a decide whether to buy the watch or not!

Gustavo continues: 

"The other watch page is just mesmerizing with DJs, DD, a 6062 moonphase and some chronographs."

Gustavo pointed out that date stamp is the same on the 1957 catalog as it is on the 1958.

Update on April 28, 2020: The Section below was published on April 22, 2020, and I just updated it with the page that showcases the magnificent Rolex Triple Date Moonphase Reference 6062.

Rolex Milgauss History

1958 Rolex Master Catalog

I have an interesting story to share with you. If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World, you know I specialize in two things: Separating Fact from Fiction, as well as writing definitive stories on Rolex models. On Saturday, I began a significant update to my story named, "The Complete History of the Rolex Milgauss." In my naiveté I thought I could pretty easily put together the missing pieces of the Milgauss history puzzle and boy was I wrong!?!! I kept getting stuck on details, coupled with a lack of reliable information, so I began reaching out to all my friends all over the world that are some of the leading vintage dealers and horological experts for assistance. This included Eric Ku, John Goldberger, Jose, and Nick Gould, but something interesting occurred.

Many people I had never met or even known of starting reaching out to me with all kinds of fascinating information, much of which has completely changed the nature of putting together the Rolex Milgauss puzzle. The biggest contribution, by far comes from renowned vintage watch dealer  Wulf Schütz @RareAndFine, who is from Switzerland. Wulf and I had a three hour conference call, and he completely blew my mind with the depth of his knowledge on the history of the early Rolex Milgauss watches. Wulf shared the images with me in this post, that are taken from a 1958 Rolex Master Catalog.

On a side note it is fascinating to notice that the majority of watches on this page feature dauphine hands, including the Milgauss. FWIW, dauphine hands are my absolute favorite hands of all time...

On April 28, 2020 I added this page which features the gorgeous Rolex Moonphase Triple-Date Reference 6062.

It turns out that Wulf is working on a guide book on the subject of history of vintage Rolex Milgauss watches which he plans to publish sometime in the next year or so. I was so impressed with Wulf's knowledge, passion and attention to detail I asked him if he would like to collaborate with me on telling the REAL history of the Rolex Milgauss, and he agreed. What does this mean? It mean that Wulf and I are going be collaborating on major update for on my story, named "The Complete History of the Rolex Milgauss." 

This page above will be included once we update and complete the story. This is a HIGHLY significant piece of the puzzle, as we see the Milgauss Reference 6541 pictured on the bottom row (third from the left), but there is a bit of a Mystery to this image which Wulf and I think we have figured out. Stay tuned as we will be updating this amazing piece of Rolex history until we believe it is finished.