Friday, April 8, 2022

Franz von Holzhausen rocking a vintage Paul Newman Daytona?

 Franz von Holzhausen 

@ Giga-Texas launch April 6, 2022

Rocking a Paul Newman "Big Red"

I was working on a story for showcasing the Tesla Keynote for Giga-Texas and I think I discovered Tesla lead designer, Franz von Holzhausen rocking what certainly appears to be a vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Big Red!?!! Assuming I made a correct positive ID, I wonder if he owns the Paul Newman's Daytona #2 that Paul Newman actually wore?

The video below is of Elon Musk's keynote for the launch of the brand spanking new Tesla Giga-Factory which is completely mind-boggling!!!!

I might be wrong, but Franz's watch sure seems to have all the telltale characteristics of a vintage Daytona...

For frame of reference I am including a photo discovered by Nick Gould on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine of Paul Newman rocking his Rolex Daytona Reference 6263.