Thursday, October 19, 2017

Michael Stahan A Brilliant Career With Rolex Keeping His Time

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Michael Stahan

A Brilliant Career 
With Rolex Keeping His Time

Michael Strahan is a man who has lived an amazing life! Michael is a big man, as he stands 6 feet, 5 inches, and weights 255 Pound. Today, Michael Stahan is a media personality and he is famous for his role in the syndicated morning talk show, Live! with Kelly and Michael, which ran from 2102 to 2016. Today, he is the host of The $100,000 Pyramid, and has his own men's like of clothing.

Michael Staham wears multiple Rolex models, but the one he seems to wear the most is his DEEP-BLUE SEA-DWELLER, which is pictured on his wrist in the photos above and below.

Rolex On The Red Carpet

In the photo below we see Michael Strahan On The Red Carpet @ the 89th Academy Awards earlier this year, wearing a Rolex DEEP-SEA while interviewing John Legend.

In the photo below we get a side profile of Michael Strahan's Rolex DEEP-SEA Special as he interviews Halle Berry.

Michael Stahan began his career as a defensive-end in the NFL, and holds the record for the most sacks in a season (2001), when he played for the New York Giant, and helped take them to the Super Bowl that same year. Stahan played for the Giants for 14 years, from 1993 to 2007. The photo below was taken just after Stahan broke the record for most sacks in a season.

Today, Michael Stahan is also a sports broadcaster for Fox Sports, and he is seen below with a group of his fellow Fox Sports broadcasters, including Terry Bradshaw, and Jimmy Johnson.

Michael Stahan produced a documentary series sponsored by ATT called The Religion Of Sports, and in the photo below we see Michael previewing an episode.

Michael Stahan is pictured below in his mancave/garage on his unique prized possession, which is a New York Giants Super Bowl XLII chopper signed by the whole team. 

Michael Strahan recently posted the photo of himself below on his twitter page, which shows him rockin' the new stainless steel Rolex Daytona with a ceramic bezel.

Michael Strahan is pictured below on the far right, wearing an Rolex Day-Date, and he in the middle we see Late, Late Show with James Corden host, with world famous Chef, Gordon Ramsay, who is also wear a Rolex Submariner.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Norman Rockwell's What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker) Coming To Auction @ Christie's

Norman Rockwell's

What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker)

Coming To Auction @ Christie's

Hodinkee just published a story about how Norman Rockwell's AMAZING painting, titled, "What makes it Tick? (The Watchmaker), is coming to auction as part of Christie'sNovember 2017 American Art Auction.

Norman Rockwell's "What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker)" Painted in 1948

Hodinkee's Nicholas Manousos, wrote:

"In 1948 the Swiss Federation of Watchmakers, now known as the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), began work on an advertising campaign to raise the profile of Swiss watchmakers globally. The campaign needed an image that would make an immediate impact, communicating relatable aspects of watchmaking to a worldwide audience. They chose American illustrator Norman Rockwell for the job, and the result was an incredible painting of a boy, mesmerized by a watchmaker at the bench."

I definitely recommend heading over to Hodinkee to check out the rest of this great story! I am a huge fan of Norman Rockwell's. He was just amazing!!! This painting is estimated sell for between $4-6 Million...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Early 1960s Rolex Ad Celebrating 700,000 Officially Certified Swiss Chronometers

Early 1960s Rolex Ad

Celebrating 700,000 Officially Certified Swiss Chronometers

Putting together the pieces of the Rolex history puzzle over the years has been absolutely fascinating for me. Doing so is kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle–you begin by separating all the edge pieces and you figure out how to assemble them to form the frame, then you work your way inward, toward the center, and complete the puzzle. 

This early 1960s ad was likely created just after Hans Wilsdorf's death. I don't have the exact date, but I would guess it was probably around 1962-1963. It is fascinating to note Rolex talks about how it took them over 50 years to produce their 700,000th Officially Certified Chronometer. Ironically, Rolex makes more than 700,000 Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer a year now!!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Lume Shot Of The Year: Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand

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Gary's Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand

I couldn't make up my mind which way I like this image cropped, so I am sharing both with you ;-)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rolex Coolness: John Travolta...

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John Travolta
An Amazing Career with Rolex Keeping The Time Of His Life

John Travolta is one of the most famous and successful actors in history, as well as being a cinema producer, dancer and singer. Today he is a an Ambassador for the Brietling brand of watches, but before that, he wore Rolex watches as seen in the photos below.

John Travolta has worn many different Rolex watches in his far ranging career. It the photos above, we see him wearing a stainless steel Datejust, and in the photos below we see him wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date.

John Travolta is pictured below with his arm around Marilu Henner. 

Marilu Henner is an unusual woman, when it comes to her amazing memory skill as witnessed in the videos below.

In the photo below we see John Travolta wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, standing in between Sylvester Stallone and Chevy Chase. I always like seeing photos of people together that all wear Rolex, which is the case below.

John Travolta is pictured below wearing in the 2016 movie titled "The People V. OJ".  It is ironic that John Travolta wore an Everose Rolex Daytona with a ceramic bezel, as he played the role of O.J. Simpson defense attorney, Robert Shapiro. The historical 'continuity error' challenge is that this Rolex watch model did not exist back in the 1995 :-0

John Travolta is pictured below wearing a Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner, which he wore in the 2004 movie, titled, "The Punisher".

John Travolta is pictured below wearing a Rolex Submariner, which he wore in the 2001 movie, Swordfish.

An Amazing Career

John Travolta's career has been absolutely amazing. He began starring on the 1970's TV show, Welcome Back Kotter where he played Vinny Barbarino which ran from 1975 to 1979.

Where did John Travolta learn how to dance? In this clip from Welcome Back Kotter, we see John rockin' out pretty hard and it is not difficult to imagine him dancing in Saturday Night Fever and Grease.

Saturday Night Fever

John Travolta went on to star in the blockbuster film, Saturday Night Fever, and followed up by starring with Olivia Newton-John in the blockbuster, Grease.

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack broke multiple record industry records and became the highest-selling record album in recording history, by selling more than 40 million copies, and to this day it remains one of the top five best-selling soundtracks of all time, and to this day it is believed to be in the top 10 best selling albums of all time, world-wide.

In this next video we see the Bee Gees performing You Should Be Dancing from the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. The Bee Gees consisted of three brothers from Australia named, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, and they are one of the best selling bands in history. In this next video we see the Bee Gees joined by their younger brother, Andy Gibb, and if you look closely you will notice it really looks like Andy Gibb is wearing a Rolex GMT...


Grease was another mega-hit that starred John Travolta, and Barry Gibb who was the lead singer for the Bee Gees wrote the title song for the Grease soundtrack which Frankie Valli performed, which went on to become the number 1 song on the billboards.


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Rolex Paraflex Shock Absorption System

...Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day...

Rolex Paraflex 

Exclusive Rolex Balance Shock Absorption System

Friday, October 13, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson Interviews MKBHD

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Interviews MKBHD

There is a Confucius proverb that says "a single conversation with a brilliant man is more valuable than 10 years of study." Neil deGrass Tyson is the one of the most brilliant and charismatic men alive today, and in this video interview, he interviews Marques Brownlee, perhaps better know by his nickname of MKBHD. Marques Brownlee is the top tech Blogger/Vlogger in the world today, and in this video, two generations of brilliant men have an amazing conversation. Of course, Neil deGrass Tyson wears a Rolex Oyster in this video.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rolex Macro Shot Of The Week: Daytona Designation...

Daytona Designation

ChampTheKid took this stunning macro shot of his Rolex Daytona up-close. You have to love the red, white and black color combination!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blade Runner 2049 Trailer 2

 Blade Runner 2049 

Movie Review

I just saw Blade Runner 2049, which is the highly anticipated sequel to the original Blade Runner. Back in May, 2017 I wrote a huge story when the first BladeRunner 2049 trailer was released. Below are the official Blade Runner 2049 trailers:

Ryan Gosling is pictured above in Blade Runner 2049, and he is wearing a jacket very similar in style to the one Harrison Ford wore 35 years ago in the original Blade Runner. Also notice the style of the set in the background above, is very similar to the sets in the original movie, and I have to say that in the original Blade Runner, it takes you to a different world, which has a very 1980s futuristic vibe.

So what did I think about Blade Runner 2049? First I have to tell you I am NOT GOING TO RUIN THE MOVIE FOR YOUR BY TALKING ABOUT THE PLOT. I have to tell you, I don't like going to movie theaters for a zillion reasons. I probably see about 2 movies in theaters every year. Why? As I get older, I feel like I just don't have time to waste in fantasy-land, yet I realize sometimes it is great to escape for a few hour.

That being said, I though Blade Runner 2049 was an excellent movie! How excellent? I am excited to watch it again, not in a theater, but at home, where I can pause, and rewind. I am not surprised that Ridley Scott did such a great job producing the sequel to the much anticipated sequel that he originally directed, with the original Blade Runner movie.
In the photo above we see Ridley Scott on the set of Blade Runner 2049, with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Ridley Scott directed the original Blade Runner movie. 

Blade Runner 2049 was a long movie, clocking-in at almost 3 hours, which was great...I would say my favorite thing about the movie, is that in many ways it took me back to the original fantasy/alternative world of the original Blade Runner—including all the beautiful melancholy Vangelis-like music.

Ryan Gosling was AMAZING!!!!!!! Harrison Ford did a great job, playing Harrison Ford, and the script was amazingly unpredictable—in a good way. The plot took so many twists and turns, and the movie storyline was NOTHING like I expected, which was superb. The script also did a great job tying together and interweaving the with the original movie. In many ways it answered many questions people had about the original Blade Runner.

My fiancé, said, "Hey, let's go see a movie. I want to see the new Blade movie!" Do you want to go? I said, "No thanks! An hour later she said, "I really want to go see this Blade Runner movie, which I heard grossed $30 Million on its first day. Are you sure you don't want to go?" I responded, "Oh, I forgot, Blade Runner is in theaters now!?!! Sure, let's go see it!"

She didn't like Blade Runner, and said it was really confusing. I asked her if she had ever seen the original Blade Runner, and she responded, "There was a prequel?" My best advice, is it is probably a great idea to watch the original Blade Runner first, so that Blade Runner 2049 makes sense.

As far as a score, I would rate Blade Runner a 97 out of 100. Keep in mind that the original Blade Runner is one of my favorite Science Fiction movies of all time, as is the original Star Wars.

I promised I would not ruin the plot, but I will tell you that Elvis Presley makes a cameo appearance in Blade Runner 2049, and when I saw him singing on stage, the first think that popped into my head, being the Rolex Fanatic I am, is that Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Elvis Presley are all Rolex wearing dudes ;-)

By the way, another one of my favorite science fiction movies is the 2001 Steven Spielberg named "AI".

Ryan Gosling is pictured below at the 2017 Golden Globes Awards Ceremony accepting the award for Best Actor, and if you look closely he is wearing his vintage Rolex Air King.

In the photo below, we see Harrison Ford wearing his street clothes, including his staleness steel Rolex Datejust, at the same time he was filming Blade Runner.

In the photo below, we see a Polaroid selfie that Harrison Ford took on the set of the original Blade Runner with his co-star, Sean Young, who played Rachael.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Watch & Clock Maker May 15th 1929 :

Watch & Clock Maker
May 15th 1929

This is a fascinating art-deco style Rolex ad from 1929. In particular it is interesting they refer to what we refer to today as a wristwatch as a wristlet. This ad was obviously published after the advent of the Rolex Oyster, but before the Oyster Perpetual. Notice how similar the art-deco case in the bottom left looks to an early Panerai.