Thursday, December 13, 2018




I got so excited about I almost forgot to mention Rolex just posted their very first Tweet on their @ROLEX Twitter page. Rolex has been on Twitter since 2012 but never publicly tweeted until today. Rolex's first tweet was announcing and shows a video that talks about Rolex's founding father, Hans Wilsdorf's mission. Be sure to check-out and follow Rolex...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Is Live!!!

Has Launched!!! is just went live, so go check it out!!!!!

Below you can watch the all-new Rolex mini-documentary on Rolex's founding father, Hans Wilsdorf, which is included as part of the launch of It's really interesting to see how different people are responding all over the web to, which is mostly very positive. 

David Bredan from A Blog To Watch wrote a superb article that offers and excellent overview or, which I highly recommend reading. You can also get a good overview by reading my preview of article I published a few days ago.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018




Rolex Has NOT Discontinued The Batman GMT-Master!

If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World you know I specialize in busting falsely perpetuated Rolex myths. Clyde (Clyve The Watch Wrangler) reached out to me yesterday and said he heard a rumor that is swirling around all over the internet that said Rolex discontinued the Batman GMT-Master (BLNR), which made no sense to me!?!! I did some deep research on this and found ZERO evidence to support this viscous rumor.

If you think about it, why would Rolex discontinue one of the most popular new models in its history? It's a fact the original Batman, Adam West died last year, but so far as I can tell the Rolex Batman is still very much alive!! Long Live The Batman...

Rolex collectors and enthusiasts love to use nicknames for different Rolex models, like The Pepsi, or Coke GMT-Master or the 7up Submariner for the original LV Submariner. The all Green LV Submariner is nicknamed The Hulk, and Rolex collectors have affectionally nicknamed new Night & Day Rolex GMT-Master as "The Batman" since it is silver, black and blue like Batman's uniform. Very cool! 

If you want to learn much, much more about the history of The Rolex GMT-Master, check out my story titled "The Complete History Of The Rolex GMT-Master."

Monday, December 10, 2018

Rolex.Org Launch Preview!!!


Launch Preview

This is such epic news, I had to borrow Hodinkee's Breaking News moniker again for this story!!! I am so excited to share that Rolex has some amazing news coming up this Holiday season!!! Rolex just gave my team a preview of some fascinating initiatives they are rolling out this Wednesday, December 12th and I am so excited to share them with you! On Wednesday Rolex will launch a brand new website @ The screenshots below are from the soon to launch

This overall them on revolves around the world "Perpetual": 

  • Perpetual Planet
  • Perpetual Knowledge
  • Perpetual Spirit
  • Perpetual Culture Menu 

The screen grab below shows all the different menu options on Despite how simple it looks, there is a lot of highly immersive content on each of these links.

Celebrating Hans Wilsdorf

Rolex also has a whole section on dedicated to its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. I am so happy to see Rolex diving into Hans Wilsdorf's brilliant history since he is one of the most successful and profound entrepreneurs in history.

Rolex included this super-high res image of Hans Wildorf, which I don't recall seeing before in such high-res.

Rolex also posted the image seen below which shows a young Hans Wilsdorf in 1906 and he is pictured third from the left, behind the tree, holding a cup of tea.

The Hans Wilsdorf section on also features a detailed documentary on Hans Wilsdorf's life and times.

Perpetual Culture

Somebody once defined culture by saying, 'Culture is acquainting ourselves with the best the world has known.' Rolex has always been committed to showcasing superb culture and does it in a truly magnificent way.

Rolex & Exploration has a section dedicated to explorers who have achieved amazing things with Rolex watches on their wrists. This section is really inspirational and showcases Rolex history in all its glory!!!

Making The World A Better Place

Rolex has a section dedicated to all of its green initiatives, which is amazing. Below is a quote from this amazingly inspirational section:

"Whether this takes the form of fresh discoveries about the natural wonders of the Earth, the protection of its wild places and creatures, the safeguarding of our common cultural heritage or the development of technologies that shape our future, save and enhance lives and enrich our understanding, the unifying ingredient is the will to make a difference… to show that “anyone can change everything”.

In my mind offers a look 'Behind The Rolex Crown', while making a bold declarative statement about its commitment to protecting mother earth!!! 

One More Thing...

As previously mentioned, Rolex will be launching on Wednesday, December 12th so be sure to check it out. Also, Rolex will be formally launching its Twitter initiative. First a little background. Rolex has always been discreet in a typically Swiss kind of way, and despite their digital prowess and overall success, they have also be shy at times. Rolex has had a Twitter account for years, but they have NEVER TWEETED!?!! That's all about to change when Rolex publishes its first tweet on Wednesday! The only thing stopping Rolex from being 100% in the digital age is offering their watches for sale on, which hopefully we will see sooner than later...

I have to say I am blown-away with and if I understand it correctly, this is just the beginning. In other words, over the following months and years, Rolex will continue to expand the breadth and scope of Jose took the image below and added the logo, which is RAD!!! 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

HODINKEE 10TH Anniversary Celebration


10TH Anniversary Celebration

Conversation with Aurel Bacs

—Embracing Controversy—

Hodinkee is celebrating its 10th anniversary this weekend in New York, and Benjamin Clymer, interviewed Aurel Bacs from Phillips Auction House about the current state of the vintage watch market which you can watch below! 

I love listening to Aurel Bacs speak as he is so knowledgable and is always sharing profound insight into the collectable watch game. Benjamin Clymer also does a superb job of asking great questions. I highly recommend watching this great video. And congratulations to Benjamin and the excellent Hodinkee team on 10 great years of publishing!!! 

I just noticed there are way more videos including this fascinating on where how vintage watches are really bought:

Update: I just watched this interview with the always fascinating Jean-Claude Biver, which is amazing! Jean-Claude is probably the most interesting man in the watch industry and his insight is always profound!!! 

There are a whole bunch of great live videos from Hodinkee 10th Anniversary (H10) Event which you can find on the Hodinkee YouTube channel

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Charlie's Angels Rolex Watches...

...Rolex Super-Hotness...

Charlie's Angels

Rolex Hotness & Pop Culture Phenomenon

Charlie's Angels was not just about Big Hair, Trim Feminine Hotness, and lots of Bathing Suits, but it was one of the most iconic pop-culture TV Shows in the later 1970s. Charlie's Angels aired new episodes from 1976 to 1981. The show was not just a poplar institution, but more of a cultural phenomenon that went on to become a cult classic. Charlie's Angles featured some of the most beautiful women on TV, and I discovered—and published for the first time—back in 2016 that the entire original cast of Angels wore Ladies Rolex Watches!!! If you watched Charlies Angel's back in the day, watching the opening credits below will Deja Vu you out!

Fallen Rolex Angels

In the photos below we see Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett Majors and Jaclyn Smith all wearing Ladies Rolex Datejust watches. This images were taken on the set of the Season 4 episode named "Fallen Angels", which featured Farrah Fawcett's return as an Angel.

The video excerpt below is from the Fallen Angels episode and as you see Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith are all wearing Rolex watches.

The next four screenshots were taken from the episode above and the first three images show Farah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd BOTH rockin' yellow gold Rolex Lady Datejust models!?!!

The photo below of the yellow gold 28MM Rolex Lady-Datejust appears courtesy of Jomashop. This model is very similar to the models Farrah and Cheryl are wearing in the screengrabs above and below, but their models like feature the champagne dial, as apposed to the silver dial pictured below. The 28MM Rolex Lady-Datejust in yellow gold with the President bracelet is one of the most icon Rolex ladies watches of all time. In the 1970s and 1980s it was considered to be the ultimate Rolex for most women.

So why and I posting so many photos of Farah and Cheryl? Why not? It probably has something to do with the fact I was MADLY in love with both of them when I was 10-12 years old, and seeing them together, both wearing yellow gold Rolex Lady Datejust models just blows my mind!

It's fascinating to realize that some of the most iconic TV and Movie actor and actresses wore Rolex watches right in front of me, but at the time I was too young to notice.

This next show it also taken from Fallen Angels and shows Jaclyn Smith wearing her Lady-Datejust.

From a historical perspective, it is interesting to note that none of Charlie's Angels are wearing what, then was considered to men's size Rolex watches. Instead, they were all wearing the more feminine, petite 28mm Datejust and Lady-Date models.

At the time, many of the most popular and successful super-models and actresses wore Rolex Lady Date models, including Cheryl Tiegs, who is picture below. 

Sophia Loren, is also pictured below in the later half of the 1970s, and she is wearing her yellow gold Rolex Lady Datejust on an Oyster Bracelet. If you want to learn more about the history of women wearing Rolex be sure to check out my article titled, "The Complete History Of The Rolex Woman—The Evolution Of The Female Archetype." article.

Jaclyn Smith was one of the three original Charlie's Angels, and she is pictured below with fellow angels, Farah Fawcett Majors and Kate Jackson in 1976. Don't Charlie's Angels look like dolls in the unusual photo below?

In many ways, Charlie's Angels were the archetype for modern beauty. In other words, up through the 1960s, women with lots of curves, like Marilyn Monroe, were considered to be the ideal. In the mid 1970s that all changed, and skinny really became the standard for feminine beauty. This is not a judgement, so much as it is an observation.

Looking at all the photos of Jaclyn Smith makes me realize how over-the-top beautiful she was!!! Just stunning!!! Jaclyn was also the only original Charlie's Angel that remained on Charlies' Angels for its complete run from 1976 to 1981.

I remember watching Charlie's Angels on TV in 1976 when I was 10 years old, and I remember being madly in love with all three Angels!!! As I previously mentioned all three of the original Charlie's Angels wore Rolex watches, so let's take a look at them.

Farah Fawcett Majors
The Most Iconic and All-American Angel

Farah Fawcett Majors was not only a major sex symbol of the 1970s, but a media sensation of the highest order. She is pictured below wearing a yellow-gold Rolex Lady Date. She played the role of Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels.

The 'Farah Fawcett' bathing suit poster seen below in considered to be the best selling poster in history, having sold more than 8 Million copies, and yes I had one in 1976, when I was 10 years old...

The Farah Fawcett Poster

Farah Fawcett was probably most famous for her hairstyle, which was known as the "Farah" hairstyle. Farah was so successful, iconic and famous, she basically became the Marilyn Monroe of the 1970s.

The photo below of Farah Fawcett Majors skateboard is from a famous series of photos. I had those same wheels on my skateboard. They were called Road Rider Wheels.

Farah Fawcett is pictured below wearing her yellow Gold Rolex Lady-Date.

Farah Fawcett Majors was married to Lee Majors, who also had a huge hit TV show which began in 1973 with the movie "The Six Million Dollar Man", which Lee Majors played the role os Steve Austin, the first bionic man. The Six Million Dollar man was not only a pop-culture phenomenon, but also an institution in-and-of-itself.

Below is the original opening and closing theme for the Six Million Dollar man, which brings back some serious memories for me. Just as Charlie's Angles were the archetype for the ultimate 1970s woman, the Six Million Dollar man was the same, expect for a man.

The action adventure/science-fiction themed Six Million Dollar Man TV show ran for 5 seasons from 1974 through 1978, and was based upon three TV pilot movies, with the same name which all aired in 1973. 

Farrah and Lee Majors are pictured below chatting with legendary actor, Jimmy Stewart.

Jaclyn Smith
Timeless Natural Beauty

Four Amazing Decades With Rolex Keeping The Time Of Her Life

Actress Jaclyn Smith is best known for being on the 1970s American TV series, Charlie's Angels, where she played the role of Kelly Garrett. The next photo, taken in the 1970s, shows Jaclyn Smith wearing her two-tone Rolex ladies Datejust. 

One of the most fascinating things I enjoy about publishing Jake's Rolex World, is discovering people I grew up watching on TV or in movies that wore Rolex watches, back in the day.  Take for instance, the Jaclyn Smith magazine ad below for Martini & Rossi (on the rocks). I may have seen this ad when I was a kid, but since I was not aware of Rolex as young child, I likely did not notice Jaclyn's Rolex. 

Looking at these photographs today, in a historical context gives me an even fonder appreciation for Rolex history, as well as the world I grew up in, and often took for granted.

"Say 'Yes' To Martini & Rossi On The Rocks"

This next photo below originally appeared in People magazine in the 1980s, and it shows Jaclyn Smith at home with her husband Tony Richmond, who is a noted cinematographer, and their son Gaston. Notice Tony is sporting a Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee bracelet.

In this recent photo of Jaclyn Smith, we see her wearing a two-tone Rolex Daytona. Jaclyn Smith was not only a superstar beauty on Charlie's Angels, but went on to be an extremely successful entrepreneur in the early 1980s with developing and marketing her own clothing and perfume lines.

Jaclyn is not just 'another pretty face', but but and amazingly successful entrepreneur and business pioneer. Before Oprah, before Martha Stewart, Jaclyn was the first celebrity to develop her own brand, instead of just endorsing others. 

Kate Jackson
The Cutest Angel

Kate Jackson starred as Sabrina Duncan on Charlie's Angels. Basically she play the role of the more witty Angel.

Cheryl Ladd
The Hottest Angel

Farah Fawcett Majors retired from Charlie's Angels after the first season, and Cheryl Ladd replaced her and played the rolex of Jill Monroe's little sister, Chris Munroe. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the hottest Angel of them All? All of Charlie's Angels are gorgeous, but I have to admit my favorite is Cheryl Ladd.

Farah Fawcett Majors had the most iconic poster in history, and Cheryl Ladd also had some majorly successful posters. I had the one below and it completely Deja Vu's me out looking at it today :-)

So let's get back to looking at Cheryl Ladd's Rolex watch. In the photo below we see her wearing her yellow gold Rolex Lady-Date while posting for a photo with fellow actor, Jeff Conaway. Jeff was on the 1970 sitcom mega-hit named Taxi. He also costarred with John Travolta in the 1978 blockbuster movie, Grease.

Cheryl Ladd is pictured below with Shaun Cassidy (Hardy Boys) in 1977, at which time in history they were most famous and sought after actor and actress in the world.