Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sophia Loren The Most Beautiful Woman

...Rolex Ultra-Super Hotness...

 Sophia Loren
Supreme Iconic Beauty

Academy Award Winning Best Actress

26MM Yellow Gold Rolex Lady Date

Infinite superlatives come to mind when thinking about Sophia Loren. Stunning, Beautiful, Exotic, Gorgeous, Timeless, Beautiful, Ageless, Talented, Fun, Funny, Entertaining, Unique, Cosmopolitan, Sublime, Supreme, Sophisticated, Unparalleled, Elegant, Pure, Flawless and Magical. The list could go on forever...

Sophia Loren has been wearing her trademark yellow gold lady Date for at least 4 decades, and it looks equally timeless. This first photo of Sophia Loren wearing her Rolex was taken in 1986.

In the close-up wrist shot below, it appears Sophia Loren's yellow gold Rolex is on a riveted Datejust bracelet. Talk about beautiful vintage Rolex...

This next photo of Sophia Loren, taken in 1979 shows her wearing her Rolex Italian Agneli Style, on the outside of her blouse.

This next photo of Sophia Loren is the earliest known photo I have been able to find of her sporting her Rolex, and it was taken in 1976.

The photograph of Sophia Loren below is one of my favorites. Sophia Loren has some of the greatest curves ever seen on a woman.

Italian beauty, Sophia Loren is arguably one of the most stunningly exotic and beautiful women that ever lived, as we see in the photos above and below. The two photos below were taken in Venice in 1955.

Sophia Loren & Cary Grant

"You can’t have everything at the same time. That’s life.” –Sophia Loren

Cary Grant starred in a movie with Sophia Loren and fell madly in love with her, and asked her to marry him. She contemplated it, but ultimately passed on the opportunity.

Cary Grant not only came close to marrying Sophia Loren and missed-out on the opportunity, but also, Cary Grant was offered to originally play the role of James Bond, and just barely missed-out on that opportunity. Can you image if he had married Sophia and played James Bond?

One Look Can Write A Book

This scene from the 1958 movie, Houseboat, starring Sophia Loren and Cary Grant, is one of the most mesmerizing, tantalizing and sublime pieces of romantic film ever captured in history, and yes, they are dancing to the legendary Sam Cooke singing...

This stunning moment captured on celluloid shows Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, both in the absolute prime of their lives, with a zillion facets, all shimmering in eternity forever...

The chemistry is unmistakably authentic, because it was real...Sophia and Cary, in this brief, but shining moment, flawlessly epitomize the core essence of modernity, while remaining the perfectly impeccable archetypes of timeless feminine beauty and masculine elegance...

Everything about the scene above from Houseboat is flawlessly magnificent from the camera angles, to the lighting, to the set, to the costumes, to the acting, to the script, to the raw chemistry...The supreme irony is the actual love affair that was going on behind the scenes between Sophia and Cary. Cary Grant fell madly in love with Sophia and asked her to marry him. Carlo Ponti, learned about this and put all chips on red to get Sophia to marry him instead. So basically the chemistry in the scene above and in the photo below was real...

Sophia Loren and Cary Grant remained close friends for the rest of Cary Grant's life, as you can see in the photos below.

This next photo of Cary Grant and Sophia Loren is really fascinating, as we see them hanging out with Prince Charles, who is chatting with Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man) and Farah Fawcett Majors (Charlie's Angels). Farah Fawcett was really the Sophia Loren of the 1970s, if you think about it.

In the video below we see Sophia Loren receiving an honorary Oscar.

Sophia Loren is pictured below recently wearing her yellow gold Rolex Lady Date. You can always check out more photos of Sophia Loren on Jake's Who Knew World.

In 2012, Vanity Fair interviewed Sophia Loren at her home in Geneva, Switzerland, and the article is super detailed and it is titled 'Sophia's Choices'.

On October 13, 2013 Rolex CEO Gian Riccardo Marini honored Sophia Loren at the ROLEX MENTOR & PROTÉGÉ Gala at Venice's La Fenice Opera House, and said "Sophia Loren is an icon of Italian and world cinema."

Pictured above is Rolex CEO Gian Riccardo Marini with Sophia Loren

Rolex also honored Sophia Loren in their 2013 ad campaign named Rolex and Icons, with the image below is from.