Friday, November 05, 2021

ROLEX DEEP SEA SPECIAL #1 At Christie's Geneva



At Christie's Geneva

My absolute favorite horological researcher and writer is non other than Jose from I feel very privileged to not only call Jose a great pal, but I have the absolute pleasure of working with him on a regular basis to separate-the-fact-from-the-fiction regarding Rolex history.

As two of the most passionate Rolex historians, Jose and are 1000% committed to separating true ends from false ends. The immense challenge we face is we inherited a world where we—along with everybody else—were spoon-fed a great deal of Rolex history that had no basis in reality and had been falsely perpetuated by many intellectually lazy or dishonest people who pretended to know what they were talking about, but were really just making up details that would result in them putting forward their false narrative opinions as if they were facts. 

Jose and I have both fallen into the trap where we read or were told something that didn't quite sit right with us, but we trusted the source, whether it be auction houses, museums, or fellow horological journalists or book writers who put forth ideas as truth and went along with their false narrative as we didn't know any better. The thing though, is that if you keep trying to put together puzzle pieces that just don't fit you realize you have to find the correct pieces, and Jose and I have both been doing quite a bit of that lately. 

In other words, as time goes by, we constantly revisit old stories and seek clarification and often discover new information that radically changes the narrative, and that is exactly just what happened with Jose's new story he just published named 'The REALITIES OF THE ROLEX DEEP SEA SPECIAL NO.1 AT CHRISTIE'S GENEVA.

In this Fascinating story Jose separates fact from fiction on the reality of the DEEP SEA Number 1. I worked with Jose on his story by providing him with documentation from my archives and I stand behind his thesis 1000%! Jose and I are also aware of more history surrounding the ROLEX DEEP SEA Prototypes we have NOT published yet, but will reveal in the future, which is pretty mind-boggling once we put all the pieces of the puzzle together...The Best Is Yet To Come!!!