Wednesday, April 07, 2021






Rolex is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Rolex Explorer II by updating the 42MM Rolex Explorer II with a new movement, thinner lugs, a wider bracelet—and on the black dial version, Rolex switched the black-and-orange hand with a completely orange hand, which looks a zillion times better, as pictured above and below. 


Below we see all four of Rolex's new Explorer models which include the return of the 36MM Explorer in stainless as well as a new twist with a two-tone 36MM Explorer which has a very vintage looking 'gilt' dial vibe. 

The Rolex advertorial seen below was published 3 days after Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Everest.

You can learn all about the history of the Rolex Explorer by checking out my 8 Part story named "The Complete History: Rolex Conquers Mount Everest." You can also learn all about Tenzing Norgay who was the first to conquer Mount Everest.

1957 Rolex Mount Everest Ad

1964 Rolex Explorer

On Top Of The Matterhorn

1968 Rolex Explorer Ad

This amazing Rolex Explorer Ad appears courtesy of

1978 Dan McCullin

Rolex Explorer II Orange Hand 

Reference 1655

1997 Adrienne Vittadini
 Rolex Explorer Ad

Vintage Rolex Explorer Ad
Conquering Mount Everest

Watches & Wonder 2021: Sky-Dweller on Jubilee



For the First Time, the Sky-Dweller Is

Equipped With a Jubilee Bracelet


If the GMT-Master was designed for those sitting in the front of a jet, then the Sky-Dweller was definitely meant for those sitting in the back. 2021 could be a jubilee year for passengers and air travel again after more than a year of confinements, lock-downs and closed borders. 

So why not celebrate with a new bracelet. The Sky-Dweller case hasn't changed and still houses one of the most complicated movements from the brand.

Still, this is the first time Rolex will give customers the option to wear a Sky-Dweller on Jubilee. Last September, Rolex released the Oysterflex bracelet for the Sky-Dweller in yellow gold and Everose. The Sky-Dweller line is also offered on an Oyster bracelet. 

While the BLNR just got Oystered this year, the other watch that keeps track of time across the world is being Jubileed. The size remains the same for the Sky-Dweller. At 42mm, it looks like a Datejust that has been to the gym and is ready to leave the boardroom to show off its beach bod to the world. Let's travel! 

Watches & Wonders 2021: BLNR Is Back on Oyster Bracelet




Your Choice of Oyster or Jubilee


Batman and Batgirl? Batman and Robin? Batpersons? Your choice of nicknames—and of bracelets. In a first in decades, Rolex said it will offer a steel GMT-Master on both Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, something we haven't seen since the pre-ceramic GMT days.

Rolex stopped selling the 116710BLNR in 2019, the Rolex GMT-Master II with a black and blue bezel on Oyster bracelet. I was at Baselworld that year when it announced the same watch on Jubilee but with an updated movement.

The new movement is now going to the Oyster bracelet version of the BLNR. Jubilee or Oyster, both watches will have the same reference: 126710BLNR.

The new Batman's Oyster bracelet has the typical broad, flat three-piece links that equips the majority of the Professional line such as the Submariner, the Explorer, the Yacht-Master and the Daytona, and on some classic models such as the Datejust, the Day-Date and the Sky-Dweller.

To be clear, the Rolex GMT-Master II with a blue and red bezel ("Pepsi") has been offered on either Oyster or Jubilee bracelet before; but only the Jubilee bracelet had equipped the steel version while the Oyster bracelet was reserved for the white-gold model. The 2021 Batman is offered for both bracelets in steel. Starting today the Pepsi is also offered on both Oystersteel and Jubilee.