Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

"The First Thanksgiving" painting by Jean Gerome Ferris (1863-1930)

Happy Thanksgiving from Jake!!!

Hi everybody!!!

I would like to wish all my readers a happy Thanksgiving. I realize Thanksgiving is a United States holiday, but I believe the concept is universal.

In my mind, Thanksgiving is a day to pause and deeply reflect on how privileged we are and give thanks to the universe for allowing us to experience this miracle we call life.

I am extremely thankful to be able to explore and share all this great Rolex history with you. I am also very appreciative of all the great friends I have made all over the world through publishing my blog. Thank you all for reading and contributing!!!

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Warmest regards,


Eleven Magazine has a very nice mention about Jake's Rolex Watch Blog...

Osama Eisa from Eleven Magazine posted this very nice mention about Jake's Rolex Watch Blog:

The Rolex Blog

I stumbled upon this blog when wanting to check out some things about Rolex. Rolex is a brand that is associated with rich guys with money to spare, but the reality is that Rolex has a far more complex culture than that.

At Jake’s Rolex Blog, there is a tremendous resource on the brand and its ethos in ways that very few (if any) other places are able to match. The blog is awesome and provides you with an understanding of why people decide to spend that much money on a watch.

The reality is that it is more than just a watch, it is a tool. Astronauts, military men, and explorers have all used and relied upon this watch for one of the most important aspects of our lives: time. If time dictated whether you lived or died, would you trust your life in a Seiko? I think not.

The coolest aspect of the blog that I found was the exploration of how James Bond was known in the Fleming novels as a man who only could wear a Rolex, yet today he wears an Omega.

The article can be found here.