Sunday, September 15, 2019

Letter To The Editor From The Netherlands

Letter To The Editor

From The Netherlands

I recently received this email from a reader in the Netherlands who wrote in to ask a quesiton about the Air King, and share some information and photos of his favorite films which features style icon, Toni Serviilo:

Dear Jake,

I admire your extensive blog on Rolex watches. Great photo’s and articles. I especially liked the entry on the airking, since I own a 114200 blue dial myself. However, there is no information with regard to Rolex dropping the “Air-King” designation on the dial at some point. My airking is form 2010, and still has it, but later 114200 watches are “just” Oyster Perpetuals, without any difference in the specs of the watch itself. Do you know an explanation for this?

Anyway, On of my favorite films is La Grande Bellezza (or “the great beauty”) Which won an Oscar for best foreign language movie.

The main character Jep Gambardella (Toni Serviilo)  is an absolute style icon, and he wears a steel Rolex Oyster. See attached pictures. It looks like an airking.

Kind regards,

Cees de Boer
from The Netherlands