Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 Is Now Available!!!

Windows 7 Is Now Available!!!

Microsoft Windows newest operating system named Windows 7 is now available!!! Windows 7 is a huge improvement over Windows Vista and Windows XP!!! If you are a PC user and you want to significantly improve your PC experience definitely upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7.

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Very Old Rolex Lost On East Coat...It is yours?

Very Old Rolex Lost On East Coat...It is yours?

If you live on the east coast and lost a very old Rolex watch recently, please contact me and I will assist you in getting it back. Assuming it is your watch, you must accurately describe it and I will put you in contact with the police department that has it.

A reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog alerted me to this, and I am just trying to help out.



Young RISdom...

Young Rolex WISdom

Kyle L. Pictured Above

Kyle is the youngest Rolex enthusiast I have ever met. He is 14 today and I met him when he was 13 when he sent in some photos of his Rolex Explorer he bought with his own money, which I put up on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog.

I fell madly-in-love with and purchased (with my own money) my first Rolex (stainless Submariner) more than a quarter-century ago, when I was 16, so Kyle is in many ways ahead of me. Timeless Rolex design definitely had a strong effect on my own sense of design and taste. So much so I ended up writing this crazy blog you are reading ;-)

I started Jake's Rolex Watch Blog a few years ago, not because I wanted to, but because I had to. I really wanted to share everything I learned in my life about Rolex with my fellow Rolex fans. As a result, I have become friends with people all over the planet, which just blows my mind!!!! Very cool!!!

I think this wrist shot (below) that Kyle took of his Rolex Explorer is also very cool. I think it has superb composition and I just think Kyle is so cool!!! If exploring the world of Rolex design gives Kyle, in his lifetime, just 10% of the inspiration it has given me, it will be invaluable, but that is not my wish. My wish it that it inspires him 1000%.

Wristshot by Kyle L.

Thanks for sharing this great wrist shot with us Kyle!!! and thanks for being a great contributor to the online Rolex community, which in many ways, feels like a big family to me ;-)

Dave Mathews sings a duet named Iwoya with Angelique Kidjo on her album named Black Ivory Soul and Dave Mathews sings:

"You don't have to be old to be wise. A bird doesn't wait till he dies to fly," which is profound and on-point in my mind.

Kyle reminded me of the words from Iwoya so I thought I would include a link to Iwoya which is an amazingly uplifting song–as is the whole Black Ivory Soul album by Angelique Kidjo.

Below is a MP3 Clip Widget that will allow you to preview Angelique Kidjo's album named Black Ivory Soul which features the song Iwoya, which is the second song on the album. Enjoy!!!

Kyle has his own Rolex Watch Blog named TRF's Collection where he posts images from members. The following LV Submariner photo and accompanying story from Rambam is awesome, and appears on Kyle's great blog!!!

LV For A Lifetime

"I bought the LV for my 30th Birthday. I wanted a nice watch which I knew would last me a lifetime–and then some. There was never any doubt, it had to be a Rolex and the LV just had me awestruck. Had to special order it and I didn't even get to try one on for size before it arrived. I was so excited when I got the call, it arrived the day before my birthday, excellent timing! Alot of watches have come and gone since, but this one will never leave." –Rambam

Apple's Snow Leopard...

If you are an Apple User and you have not already updated to Apple's Snow Leopard, it is a must, and with this special offer from Amazon it is only $25!!!