Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Rolex Instagram Is Awesome

If you haven't had a chance to check out the Rolex Instagram page, I highly recommend it. Rolex initially shunned the internet, but that has really changed recently. It appears Rolex is quickly moving to the leading edge of the web and it is really evident with their Instagram page.

When I first began Jake's Rolex World in 2008 I focused on showcasing photos of people, mostly celebrates wearing Rolex watches. I did this because prior to beginning Jake's Rolex World there were ZERO sources of photos of people wearing Rolex watches. 

In other words, all the books, magazines and newspaper articles that focused on Rolex, published photos of just the watches, but I thought it was infinitely more interesting to see photos of people wearing their Rolex watches. In particular, I thought the "Human" story behind each Rolex was much more fascinating than the beautiful Rolex watches themselves.

Fast forward to today, and on the Rolex Instagram page, we see many famous Rolex wearers taking selfies and wrist shots of their Rolex watches!!! It really is amazing how far the web has come in the past eight years!!!

Speaking of Selfies, Rolex published this selfie that golf legend Jack Nicklaus took of himself, sporting his trademark yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. How cool is this!!!!!!