Saturday, May 17, 2008

Extremely Rare White Rolex Submariner

Questionable Authenticity

Alert: It has come to our attention after publishing this story that the authenticity of this watch is questionable. This information comes from a highly reliable source. 

We are currently investigating the authenticity of this watch and as soon as we conclude we will let you know.

This is an Extremely Rare Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner Reference 5508 (Movement Number Cal. 1530 (1560).  Made between 1958-1960.  Depth Rating of 330 Feet.   Not only does this watch have an extremely rare white dial but it also has the 3, 6 and 9 arabic numeral indices that are very similar to the Rolex Explorer.

It is really interesting to note how fascinating the early days of the Rolex Submariner were.  I say this because because in the early days before the Submariner moniker was used there was a lot of experimenting with dials, bezels and hands.  Then from the early 1960s up to 2004 there was no real variation. 

It was kind of like Henry Ford saying in the early days of the Ford Automobile company, "You can have a Ford in any color, as long as it is black."

Of course Rolex added the green bezel in 2004 to the LV Submariner, but that is rare.

I Really want one of these and I think it would look really cool on a black NATO Strap!!!

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Rolex Wrist Shot Of The Day: Zenith Stainless Daytona

Roulete Rolex Daytona in White Gold

GMTII-C Off The Hook

NASA Astronaut Leroy Chiao Wearing his Trademark GMT Pepsi with a Jubilee Bracelet

Leroy Chiao was on-board Space Shuttle STS-65 Columbia (July8-July 23, 1994) which was launched from and landed back at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which set a new flight duration record.

Leroy also flew on-board Space Shuttle STS-72 Endeavor (January 11-January 20, 1996) which flew a nine day mission to retrieve the Space Flyer Unit launched from Japan ten months earlier. Chiao executed two spacewalks designed to experiment procedures for the assembly of the International Space Station.

Next Leroy Chiao, flew on Space Shuttle STS-92 Discovery (October 11-October 24, 2000) which launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. 

Leroy Chiao was the Commander of Expedition 10 on the International Space Station (ISS) which launched October 9, 2004 and returned April 24, 2005.  The Following NASA Photo set is from International Space Station Expedition 10:

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Rolex of the Day: Men's Rolex Yachtmaster with Black Tahitian Mother Of Pearl Dial

This watch is stunning.  Look at all the color detail in the dial, and it has Maxi Markers.

Keanu Reeves wearing a Rolex GMT Master in Street Kings Movie

Tennis Grand Slam Winner Roger Federer Rolex Daytona

Photoshop Fun: What I Hope The 2009 Rolex Stainless Submariner Looks Like

When Rolex Introduces the Next Generation of Stainless Steel Submariner, I hope it looks like the top image which I changed the word SUBMARINER to RED.

Don't you think it looks much better in RED?  I say bring back the RED Submariner Rolex!!!

Ladies Leopard Cosmograph Daytona

Jennifer Hawkins Wearing an Exotic Rolex

1953 Rolex Submariner, Explorer Dial. Extremely Rare

Ref. 6200, Submariner, Explorer Dial Rolex, “Oyster Perpetual”, Ref. 6200. Made circa 1953. Fine and very rare, center seconds, self-winding, water-resistant, stainless steel diver's wristwatch with bi-directional revolving black bezel and large 8 mm winding crown.  Lot 152 Sold for $131,400 on April 17, 2008.

Photo & Defenition Credit Antiquorum:  It is assumed that the official 1954 launch in Basel proves that Ref. 6204 was the first Submariner model. However, it appears likely that Ref. 6200 was in fact the first Submariner produced. Rolex used chronological numbering for its watch models. Thus, Ref. 6200 was probably produced before Ref. 6204. Further, the A260 movement fitted to the 6204 followed and improved upon the A296 movement fitted to the 6200 (unlike watch model numbers, movement numbers were not always chronological). Finally, the early versions of the 6200 had the same type of dial used in 1953 on the Explorer models (the now highly collectible 3-6-9 dial with an equilateral triangle at 12). It is thought that for commercial reasons Rolex held back the 6200 in favor of the 6204, which had a slimmer case and smaller winder. It appears that Rolex used two different types of font on the 6200, one large and one smaller

Sean Connery as Bond from Dr. No Wearing Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner on a NATO Strap

Kiefer Sutherland on 24 Wearing a Stainless Submariner

Men's Rolex Daytona with Mother of Pearl Dial