Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Upcoming Rolex Supercase Submariners...

Here are some superb shots of the Supercase Submariners that Rolex first introduced at Basel 2008 in Switzerland in April.  The new Subs have the Supercase, Maxi Markers, Fat Hands & an amazing new bracelet that allows you to make fine size adjustments while the watch is on your wrist.

The new sub also features polished center links and wider lugs.  The design language of the new Rolex Submariner is very similar to the New GMT II Ceramic...

White Gold with Blue Ceramic Dial & Bezel

Yellow Gold with Blue Ceramic Dial & Bezel

Yelow Gold with Black Ceramic Dial & Bezel

Beautiful Rolex Explorer Advertisement...

Stunning Image of the Rolex Explorer with the White Dial...

Rolex Lume Shot of The Day

If you think about it, the Yachtmaster (pictured on top) is an ultra modern Submariner.  In my opinion the Yachtmaster has the best lines of any Rolex.

It also has the beautiful etched Platinum bezel.

Design Fun...GMT II Ceramic Pepsi?

Many of us are really hoping Rolex comes out with a Ceramic Supercase Pepsi GMT because we love the Supercase, Maxi Markers, Fatter Hands and overall design language of the new GMT II.

Ultra talented PCS from Germany put a Pepsi bezel over his new Ceramic GMT II to see what it would look like and it is great.

Rolex, Please, Please, Please make this watch....Please!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget; Rolex, please also make it with a white dial option ;-)

Everybody want's one.  I want's one too...

Photo Credit: PCS

Rolex Coronet Close Up

Rolex Submariner LV In The Wild...

Javileon is Spain took this great shot of his LV Submariner in the wild...

Photo Credit: Javileon

Explorer II with White Dial

Hannes from the German R-L-X.de Rolex Forum is one of the best Rolex photographers I know of. His photos and composition and Rolex Watches take my breath away...

Here we have a regular Rolex Explorer II with the standard Oyster bracelet as well a customized Explorer II with the Jubilee Bracelet.

Photo Credit: Hannes