Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day: Marco's Ceramic GMT-Master II

Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day
Marco's Ceramic GMT-Master II

Marco lives in Venice Italy and he sent it the image of his Rolex and said:

Hello Jake,

I follow every day your wonderful blog. Congratulations, I would love if you could post a photo of my beloved GMT II C.

Thank you.

Marco Tabacchi
Venice, Italy

Rolex Coolness: Danish Crown Prince Frederick Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner

...Future King Of Denmark...

Rolex Coolness: Danish Crown Prince Frederick
50th Anniversary LV Rolex Submariner

A few weeks ago we saw the second photo in this post of Danish Crown Prince Frederick and it appeared he was wearing a Rolex LV 50th Anniversary, but it was hard to see the color of the bezel which almost looked black.

Morten Olesen lives in Denmark and he is a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World and he just sent in this image from the Danish Newspaper named Ekstra Bladet and the image confirms it is an LV. Morten also said he knew that Prince Frederik received a Two-Tone Rolex Submariner with a black bezel an dial on his 18th birthday, so he might be a Rolay Collector :-)