Monday, May 30, 2016

Rolex Coolness: Usher Raymond IV Stainless Steel Rolex Milgauss

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8 Time Grammy Award Recording Artist

Usher Raymond IV
An Amazing Career With Rolex Keeping His Time

Usher is one of the top recording artists today, and throughout his successful career, he has worn many different Rolex watches. In the first photo below we see him wearing a Stainless Steel Rolex Milguass.

In this next image we see Usher wearing Yellow-Gold Rolex Daytona.

The screen shot below shows Usher wearing his Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona, which is featured in the video below the photo.

Usher's performance of "Mercy, Mercy Me/What's Going On?" in the video below is absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend watching it. Take it full-screen and turn the volume way up!!! Also notice Usher is wearing his yellow-gold Rolex Daytona.

The photo below is of the same model of Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona Usher is wearing, which is a Rolex Reference Number 116528.

In this next image we see Usher wearing an yellow gold Rolex Masterpiece Day-Date.

One of Usher's biggest hit singles is a song named "YEAH", and as we see on the single album artwork he is wearing an iced-out platinum Rolex Day-Date.

In this next image we see a clearer image of Usher wearing an iced-out Platinum Rolex Day-Date, which appears on the cover of his hit-single, "YEAH".

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vintage Rolex Chronograph Yellow Gold Dual Scale

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Vintage Rolex Chronograph
Yellow Gold Dual Scale
[Reference 6234]

This beautiful 36mm Rolex Chronograph from Robert Maron has a standard chronograph scale and a 1 mile distance telemeter scale. This allows you to simultaneously measure speed and distance. It is also anti-magnetic

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day Jocke's Pepsi Rolex GMT Master Reference 1675

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Jocke's Pepsi Rolex GMT Master
Reference 1675

Friday, May 27, 2016

Vintage 1966 Rolex Submariner Sailing Advertisement...

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Rolex Submariner with 3, 6, 9  'Explorer' Dial
Coming To Phillips Auction House in Hong Kong

Phillips Auction house in Geneva, Switzerland just had a very successful auction, and later this month, on May 31, 2016, they will have another auction in Hong Kong, which will offer this interesting Rolex Submariner. This is a rare Submariner that was made in 1963, which features what is known as the 'Explorer' dial.

Phillips Catalog Essay on this watch reads:

"Today, the so-called 'Explorer' dial is very fashionable and sought after. The name 'Explorer' stems from the original Rolex Explorer dial featuring the 3-6-9-numerals. Other than the Explorer, the only other Rolex watches to feature 3-6-9-dials are the Large Crown Submariner, reference 6200, 6538 and 5510 are known and the later reference 5512 and 5513 with crown guards. In production for only the first half of the 1960s, 5512 and 5513 are rare, however, it is virtually impossible to find these reference fitted with the Explorer dials.

The present watch was manufactured in the last half of 1963 and features the correct 'underline' and 'Swiss T 25' dial, which is the transitional period for when Rolex stopped using radium and transfer to tritium. The watch also features pointed crown guards, which is correct for the period. The dial itself is a gorgeous black lacquer and the case has retained with its original beveled edges and period bracelet. The present watch has great charisma and is an exceptional example."

The Rolex Submariner: 
A Salty Watch

I pulled up this early 1960s Rolex Submariner advertisement from my archive, which I originally published back in May 2008. It features the Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 as seen above.

On a personal note, despite the fact collectors go crazy over the Rolex Submariner models which feature the 'Explorer' 3, 6, 9 dial, I have never liked them! Why? I think having Arabic numerals on the dial, deeply conflict with the Arabic numerals on the bezel insert. In other words, I think the watch ends up looking way too busy, as there is no longer a focal-point. That is why, I believe Rolex never made any more of these models with the conflicting design language, as they realized the circular and rectangular indices found on a standard Submariner look much, much better, and give the watch a far greater balanced look...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Record Set For Rolex Daytona Sells for More than $2 Million!!!

Record Set For Rolex Daytona

Sells for More than $2 Million!!!

Less than two weeks ago, on May 14, 2016, a new record was set for the selling price of a Rolex Daytona, when Phillips Auction House in Geneva sold this beauty for just over $2 Million!!!

Below is the Catalog Essay from Phillips that accompanied this watch at auction: 

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman “Oyster Sotto” is, without any doubt, a dream watch for collectors around the world except for special orders and unique pieces. Of all the different variants, styles, and configurations of Rolex’s iconic Daytona model, the Oyster Sotto is the pinnacle, positioned at the very top of the hierarchical tree in terms of prestige and desirability, but also rarity.

Formerly a highlight of one of the world’s most important private collections, this reference 6263 offered here is one of only two such known Tropical “Oyster Sotto”, having aged to a gorgeous and uniform shade of chocolate brown. With this unique and absolutely stunning dial, the present lot therefore can be considered one of, if not, the world’s most important Rolex Paul Newman Daytona ever offered for auction.

The charming Italian nickname of “Oyster Sotto” for the dial translates literally to “Oyster Underneath”, and was bestowed this name by collectors due to the placement of the “Oyster” designation beneath the word “Cosmograph” at 12 o’clock. These are the very first Paul Newman-style dials made for Oyster-cased Daytonas, whose screw-down pushers permitted greater water resistance compared with the pump pushers of earlier generation models. 

Recognizable by the art-deco style Arabic numerals and squared markers found in the subsidiary dials, only very few examples of this rare Oyster Sotto configuration of the Paul Newman-type dial are known to exist. All of those that have appeared on reference 6263 models bear low serial numbers in the 2 million range – the earliest examples of the reference. It’s fitted with the correct “millerighe”, meaning a thousand lines, Mark 1.5 screw-down pushers.

The dial’s lovely shade of dark brown provides superb contrast with the white outer rim which itself emphasizes the coveted red minute track along the outer circumference of the dial. The bold red “Daytona” logo above the chronograph’s hour-counter at 6 o’clock complements the red outer track perfectly, matching perfectly the “T SWISS T” designation at the dial’s very bottom edge. Manufactured in 1969, the case shows few signs of wear, illustrating how well it was taken care of over the course of its nearly 50 year life.

This watch with its extreme rarity, spectacular dial, and outstanding overall condition is worthy of “crowning” the next collection it enters as the ultimate trophy for enthusiasts of vintage Rolex Daytonas.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

John Mayer & Ben Clymer Discuss The New Rolex Daytona As Early Owners on

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John Mayer & Ben Clymer
Discuss The New Rolex Daytona As Early Owners

John Mayer is a contributor to, and this last Saturday, he and Founding Editor of Hodinkee, Ben Clymer has a super-fascinating conversation on the New Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona. I highly recommend reading this great conversation between two died-in-the-wool Rolex Daytona fanatics...

John Mayer took the two wrist shot photos above and below of his new Rolex Daytona.

"You know when I took the watch out of the box, I think I may have spent the least time looking at it of any watch i've purchased in years. It has very little stare factor. I got it, put it on, and immediately just started owning it. And that, to me, proves how well thought through this design is. It immediately became a part of my life. This is a watch you can take on the road with you for three or four weeks at a time, and there is zero burn out." —John Mayer

"Mr. Mayer has established a reputation within the cultish watch community as a tastemaker, a discerning critic and a champion of horology." 
–The New York Times

Above photo of John Mayer appears courtesy of New York Times 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Green With Envy: Ceramic LV Rolex Submariner Dail

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Green Is Good
Ceramic LV Rolex Submariner Dail

Monday, May 16, 2016

Che Guevara Rolex GMT-Master

...Rolex Revolutionary...

Che Guevara
Rolex GMT-Master

I just updated the Rolex Revolutionaries story on Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, which includes this updated image of Che Guevara sporing his Rolex GMT-Master, as well as his trademark Beret, while enjoying a Cuban cigar.

The photo below of Che Guevara sporting his beret with the star is perhaps the most iconic photo of the Cuban revolutionary.

The photo below, shows President Obama on his recent historic trip to Cuba, standing in front of a mural in Havana, Cuba of Che Guevara! It really is amazing how far the world has come in recent years!!!

This next photo taken on March 20, 2016 is profound as it shows Air Force One descending down toward landing in Havana with President Obama and his family on board.

This next photo shows President Obama with Cuban President, Raul Castro, who is Fidel Castro's brother.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jocke's Rolex Alchemy Design Masterpiece...

9 Years Of Jake's Rolex World!!!

Note: It is hard to believe, but today represents the beginning of the 9th year of Jake's Rolex World!!! So I thought I would share the following "Watch Quote Of The Day" which was published originally on May 15, 2008:

"It is the emotional discovery of the secrets of time, of the very soul of a watch. Watches appeal to us, and win us over by the beauty of their soul and the secrets they conceal: the life of a mechanical watch and of its beating heart; its words; its ticking; and its face, which expresses sadness at 8:20 and joy at 10:10. The relationship we have with a watch is like a love story, and love cannot be described by specific and objective criteria" –Franco Cologne

I was looking through my archive and stumbled into this post I originally published on June 8, 2008. It caught my eye, as I think this Rolex dial is insanely beautiful, so I thought I would share it. As I enter into my 9th year of publishing, I am even more enthusiastic that when I began on May 15, 2008. In large part this is due to the fact that I have a great deal more fascinating Rolex history to share with you! If you want to learn more about how and why I became a Rolex Fanatic of The Highest Order you can check out my personal Rolex History.

More Rolex Alchemy

Jocke is an extremely talented and passionate Rolex fanatic from Sweden, as well as an excellent photographer.

Jocke is my kind of Rolex fanatic because he always thinks about how to make excellent Rolex watches even better.

Jock took a standard Stainless Steel Rolex and added a stock Rolex Sunbeam dial with raised white gold Roman numerals and added a set of hands from a Rolex Yachtmaster, and with these simple modifications created what in my opinion is one of the most beautiful and stunning Rolex watches in existence.

When I first saw Jocke's brilliant creation, it took my breath away–literally. I was in complete awe, as I still am!!!

But what was Jocke thinking?  Essentially he wanted to create a hybrid watch that had the sportiness of a Rolex Explorer with the elegance of a dressy Datejust, along with the red pop of a Yachtmaster–and as you can see he did just that.

Jocke did not stop there.  Oh no!!! He also took a Datjeust with a stock Rolex Tuxedo dial and added a red second hand and red date dial and with just those two simple modifications created another masterpiece.

It is amazing what a hint or red can do to change the vibe of anything.  Just about every design can benefit from a touch of red.

Picture above are Jocke's two masterpieces side by side.

Pictured above is Jocke's Roman numeral Masterpiece on his wrist.

Pictured above is Jocke's creation next to a standard Rolex Explorer.

Pictured above is a current generation Rolex Datejust with a black dial with raised white gold Roman numerals.

I am showing this watch to you so you can see what a standard Datejust with a black dial with Roman numerals looks like.  Also, this datejust has a domed bezel, polished center links with solid end links.

The watch above shows what the Sunbeam looks like with standard hands.  It is amazing how just changing the hands changes the look completely.  Jock, my hat is off to you. As far as I am concerned you have created an absolute masterpiece!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Robert Downey Jr. A Brilliant Career Wearing Rolex

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Robert Downey Jr.
A Brilliant Career Wearing Rolex

Robert Downey Jr., is without a doubt one of the biggest movie stars today. He began his film career at a young age as one of the Brat Pack in 1985, and Less Than Zero in 1987. He appeared in Air America in 1990, and Natural Born Killers in 1994, as well as starring as Charlie Chaplin in 1992. His most famous role probably is staring as Tony Stark in the Iron Man series, and most recently in The Avengers series.

In the video below, Robert Downey Jr. shows off his watch collection to GQ magazine. Downey shows off some of his Rolex watches, and he certainly is one funny dude!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona

...Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day...

Yellow Gold Rolex Daytona

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln
The First Rolex President

I have been arguing for a long time, that Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex was an incredible entrepreneur and brilliant strategic marketing expert. So before the Rolex Day-Date, Datejust, Submariner, and The Rolex GMT, and Rolex Daytona, there were Rolex Oyster models named after famous people that inspired Hans Wilsdorf, and one of them was U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln.

The Great Emancipator

I have written extensively about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how he delivered on Abraham Lincoln's vision.

Below we see a rose gold Rolex "Lincoln" Oyster model, which was quite stunning.

The Rolex Oyster Lincoln model below look similar to the one pictured above, but it is a different model, in a yellow gold case.

In the photo below we see a stain steel Rolex Oyster Lincoln model in a beautiful cushion case, which was made in the 1940s, with a reference number of 3388.

The Lincoln Memorial, located on the mall in Washington D.C., is an amazing structure that has witnessed Abraham Lincoln's dream come true.

"Beyond the reflecting pool, stand the dignified columns of the Lincoln Memorial. Whoever would understand in his heart the meaning of America will find it in the life of Abraham Lincoln." 

–U.S. President Ronald Reagan

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Rolex Lume Shot Of The Day: All-New Rolex Polar Phantom Explorer II Orange Hand

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Rolex Polar Phantom Explorer II Orange Hand

Chromalight Lumepower

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Rolex Macro Shot Of The Week: Jocke's Rolex Yachtmaster ...

...Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day...

Platinum Perfection
Jocke's Rolex Yacht-Master

Monday, May 02, 2016

White Gold Rolex Sky Dweller

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White Gold Rolex Sky Dweller
Dual Time Zone: Annual Calendar 
Movement: Calibre 9001
Reference 326939

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Erin Heatherton Victoria Secret Supermodel

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Erin Heatherton
Victoria Secret Supermodel
Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona

Erin Heatherton is a world-famous super-leggy-model who has modeled for Victoria Secret, and Sports Illustrated. She is seen below sporting her stainless steel Rolex Daytona.