Monday, October 12, 2009

You Think You Suffer From RISitus!?!

You Think You Suffer From RISitus!?!

Philipp from the Netherlands is probably one of the most hardcore Rolex fanatics I have ever met. Talking with him at the recent Carmel, California GTG was like talking with a Rolex Encyclopedia–Enlightening and Inspirational. But Philipp does not stop there!!!

He loves photographing his beauties as we see in these amazing photos where he is showcasing all the different crystals on these vintage Rolex Submariner watches.

Thanks for sharing Philipp!!! You have to click on these images to check out the detail!!!

It is really amazing how many different domed Rolex Submariner crystal styles we see here from Superdomes to standard domes to service domes.

The curves of the different style domes are just amazing!!!

Princess Mathilde: The Dutchess Of Brabant
Two-Tone Ladies Rolex Datejust

Since we were checking out the British Royal Princes I thought that since we were on the subject of European Royalty we would take a look at Princess Mathilde. Princess Mathilde, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess Of Brabant is the wife of the heir apparent to the Belgian throne and she is wearing her ladies two-tone Datejust in the photo below.