Monday, November 13, 2017

Friedrich Gulda's Tangerine Dream Day-Date...

...One Of The Greatest Pianists That Ever Lived...

Friedrich Gulda

Friedrich Gulda is considered to be one of the greatest pianists in history. His unconventional style gained him many accolades as well as criticism. He was known for his amazing interpretations of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Shubert. He was also known for his eccentric behavior that defied convention. In 1999, a year before he actually died, he faked his own death and later said he did so because he wanted to see what the media would write about him.

Friedrich Gulda began his piano career as a classical pianist, but he tended to stray and would improvise. This resulted in him being nicknamed by some as "The Terrorist Pianist". I always perceived him as being almost the Jerry Lee Lewis pianist of classical music. This video below was shot back in 1964, and showcases Gulda's amazing classical piano abilities, as he plays Bach.

Light My Fire

Later in Friedrich's career, he was considered to be the cross-over maverick of his age, as he got into playing jazz piano. In this next video—shot in 1989—Friedrich plays, a radical version of Light My Fire (By The Doors) which was one of his favorite songs. Notice he is wearing his yellow gold Rolex Tangerine-Dream Day-Date. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

Tangerine Dream Day-Date

The photos of the Orange Sherbert Dial Rolex Day-Date seen above are the actual watch that was owned by Friedrich Gulda as seen on his wrist in the photo below.

I have said in the past I believe many Rolex watches are high art, and this Tangerine Dream is no exception. It is so unusual and it reminds me of tangerines and a burst of sunshine. I think it is fascinating.

Night & Day

Here is a video you can watch of Friedrich Gulda playing live with Herbie Hancock and in the video you can see him wearing his Tangerine Day-Date. This is just amazing!!!!!

Here is another performance on Beethoven's Piano Concerto No 5, with Gulda sporting his Rolex. It is amazing how talented he was!!!!!!!

Amazing Documentary

Below is an incredible documentary on Friedrich Gulda's life and career achievements which explored and spanned so many different musical a piano playing Larry David ;-). It has English subtitles and offers fascinating insight into his personality and highly experimental career, as well as his many transformations.