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Watch Phillips "Game Changers" Auction Live Tuesday, December 10, 2019 LIVE BROADCAST HERE ON JAKE'S ROLEX WORLD


Live Auction Coverage

from New York City


Rolex history was made tonight in New York and you can rewatch the auction below. Among other amazing things, we saw Marlon Brando's 'Apocalypse Now' GMT-Master for for $1,975,000 with a buyers premium, as well as Jack Nicklaus' Day-Date which sold for $1,200,000 including buyers premium. 

Cammeron Barr from Craft & Tailored 

Live Auction Blog

6:50 PM: Marlon Brando's 'Apocalypse Now' GMT goes for $1.6 Million...With a sellers premium that works out to $1,952,000. I think the consensus is that people were surprised that it did not go for more...

6:01 PM: Jack Nicklaus' Rolex Day-Date sells for $1Million, which is $1.22 Million including the buyers premium.

5:01 PM: Everybody getting seated...

4:47 PM: Entering Game Changers Auction Gallery

4:43 PM: Getting Seated and ready for auction to start

4:40 PM: Checking in to @Phillips Game Changers Auction!!!

The live auction began at 5PM EST Today...

Luck Be A Lady—Tonight!!! 

Marlon Brando in 'Guys and Dolls' wearing his Rolex Oyster Bubble Back in 1955

Craft & Tailored 

Live Auction Coverage

from New York City

So not only will we have a live video feed later today from the @Phillips 'Game Changers' Auction, but Cammeron Barr from Craft & Tailored will be live blogging coverage later today direct from the bidding gallery (right here) live on Jake's Rolex World as well!

Last night in New York City @Phillips Auction house hosted a fascinating event featuring Jack Nicklaus and Marlon Brando's daughter, Petra which you can watch below:

Marlon Brando v. Paul Newman

The number one question everybody keeps asking me is how Marlon Brando's watch will do at Auction v. Paul Newman's? It's hard to say, as both of them were super-iconic, super-cool actors as well as civil rights activists, and philanthropists...Time will tell...

Jack Nicklaus 1967 Rolex Day-Date Coming to Phillips Auction

Jack Nicklaus

1967 Rolex Day-Date 

Coming to Phillips Auction

We have been looking quite a bit at Marlon Brando's GMT Master he wore in Apocalypse Now which is coming to auction in several days on December 10, 2019 @ Phillips Auction House in New York. Another amazing historical Rolex will also be up for auction, and that is one that has been worn by Golf Legend, Jack Nicklaus for more than a 50 years! 

100% of the Auction proceeds from Jack's Rolex Day-Date will be donated to the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation at The Bear's Club in Florida.

Jack Nicklaus is pictured below a half-century ago in 1970 wearing the very same Rolex Day-Date as he poses with his World Series of Golf Trophy.

47 Years ago, the first time the U.S. Open was played at Pebble Beach, Jack Nicklaus upstaged his rivals, Lee Trevino and Arnold Palmer to won the 1972 U.S. Open. This years U.S. Open is unusual as Jack Nicklaus' Rolex Day-Date has been making the rounds. The fascinating back story is that Rolex, under the leadership of André Heiniger gave Jack Nicklaus a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date in 1967. The photo below is the oldest photo of Jack wearing his Day-Date I have been able to find and it was taken in 1968.

In the photo below we see Jack Nicklaus on the far right, next to fellow Rolex Ambassador, Gary Player. On the far left are gold legends, Gene Sarazen, and Ben Hogan. These men represent four of the five men who have won the elete career Grand Slams, along with Tiger Woods. 

Jack Nicklaus

Winning The 1972 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Pebble Beach, California

Rolex Day-Date

Jack Nicklaus is pictured below with Tiger Woods at the 2012 ATT National Tournament where Tiger passed Jack to the 2nd Place on Career List with his 74th victory.

Jack Nicklaus has been wearing his same Day-Date for 52 years straight and he recently decided to put it up for auction with Phillips Auction House, the benefits of which will all go to the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation (@anchcf). Jack's watch can be viewed in-person by contacting @pboutros on Instagram.

Rolex Datejust ad from July 1995
Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus
Two Golf Legends

Jack Nicklaus was the second Rolex Golf Ambassador appointed just after fellow legendary golfer Arnold Palmer and along with Gary Player make up Golfs Big 3.

The photo above of Jack Nicklaus was taken in 1972 and the one below was taken recently.