Tuesday, June 25, 2024

1966 Rolex Submariner Chronometer Ad

Rolex Submariner Chronometer Ad
Handsome In A Big, Brawny, Uniquely Rolex Sort Of Way
Everything-proof to an ocean depth of 660 feet
Yachting Magazine: March 1966

One of my favorite features on Jake's Rolex World is exploring vintage Rolex magazine ads, and this one is just stunning and eye-opening in an amazing way!!! Why am I so fascinated with older Rolex ads like this 1966 Rolex Submariner ad from March of 1966? Because it conveys Rolex design intent and ethos, and it is just so cool, innovative and authentic. 

Rolex history is just so incredible!!! To put things in a proper context, consider the fact this ad came out only 12 years after the Rolex Submariner had been on the market–that's a half-century ago!!!