Friday, March 14, 1997

Beyer Jewelers & Museum Celebrating 250 Years In Business: Zurich, Switzerland [Part 3 of 5]

[Part 3 of 5]

The photo below is of the storefront of Beyer in Zurich, Switzerland. The facade of Beyer has remained unchanged since 1927. Zurich, Switzerland is renowned for being immaculate.

The two ladies below work in the Rolex department at the Beyer store. Beyer has an amazing selection of Rolex watches as well as Patek Philippe and many of the worlds other top brands.

This next photo below is of Max Kung who is a famous Swiss journalist who underwent watchmaker training at Beyer and then wrote an article about his experience.

Magnificent Jewelry

Beyer sells beautiful ladies jewelry like the gorgeous necklace on the Beyer model pictured below.

Beyer has their own jewelry design and manufacturing facility where they make beautiful trademark jewelry. In the photo below we see a Beyer model wearing the Beyer Layla ring, necklace and matching earings.

In the photo below we see a magnificent ladies butterfly broach which Beyer sells