Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rolex Coolness: Roger Federer...

Rolex Coolness: Roger Federer
The Greatest Tennis Player In History

Boy was Rolex ever right with the copy in this 2007 Rolex Ad!!! Roger has gone on to achieve amazing highs since this ad came out 2 years ago.

Rolex Studio Shot of the Day: Ismat's Project X Design PXS SS1 on a Corvus James Bond Strap...

Ismat's Project X Design Submariner
On A Corvus Real James Bond Strap

Ismat is a fan of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and he sent in this photo of his Project X Designs PXD SS1 Limited Edition Customized Rolex Submariner which is 1 of 24. This is the same watch That Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond wears in his real life.

The Project X Design PXD SS1 is based upon an LV 50th Anniversary Submariner, but it has a black bezel insert and the entire body of the watch has a satin finish and the crown-guard has been precisely filed down, so the watch looks like a vintage Rolex Submariner, but it enjoys all the build quality and reliability of a modern watch.

When Ismat first wrote in to tell me on October 26, 2009 about his new Project X Designs he said:

"Hi Jake, Hope you are well. I keep reading your fantastic blog each day and as usual the pictures are absolutely beautiful and the writing is 1st class. I read with interest the piece on Project X Design Submariner PXD SS1, because I purchased one of these beauties a few days ago and it was a nice coincidence that you wrote a piece today. I saw a small piece about the watch about a month ago and I immediately contacted Daniel Bourn and asked if there were any left as it was a Limited Edition.

"I wanted to see one in the flesh before splurging. I myself am a vintage man and love the old design of Rolexes–apart from the LV that is–which I think is a great looking watch, as it pays respect to the 5513 maxi dials of the past, which is what also appealed to me about the Project X Submariner.

"It is paying homage to the Rolex Reference 6538 big crown, no shoulders and with bars for you to slip your military strap on. I have used my Corvus strap on it and it looks absolutely great. When I have time I will try and take some pictures and send them to you. By the way, are there any new podcasts coming out? Keep up the good work and keep on ticking!!!"

Warmest regards,
Ismat Osman

Just yesterday Ismat sent in this photo of his super-cool Project X Designs PXD SS1 Limited Edition Submariner:

When Ismat sent in the photo above he yesterday he said:

Hi Jake, As promised, here are the pics of my Project X Sub on a Corvus strap. I love this watch and I took it swimming with my kids this weekend and I could not stop admiring it all day. I wish I took some under-water shots.

Your blog and website is without a shadow of a doubt the best Rolex blog around. What I appreciated about you is your appreciation of good design and whatever pleases you, be it watches, cars or computers–you let us know about it. Also thank you for introducing me to the other wonderful people out there with an interest in watches such as Bernhard's 100PercentRolex blog and the gorgeous pictures of Stefano Mazzariol.

Thank you sharing your extremely kind compliments Ismat along with your super-cool Project X Designs PXD SS1 on a Corvus James Bond Strap!!!