Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Fidel Castro Belongs To The Ages...

...Rolex Revolutionary...

Fidel Castro

Belongs To The Ages


It had to happen sooner or later. Fidel Castro passed away in Cuba recently, which marks a turning-point in Cuba's future. It has always been amazing to me how polarized people are on their love or hate of the man. Below are some photo of Fidel Castro wearing some of his Rolex watches.

Fidel Castro took control during his Cuban revolution, while wearing a Rolex watch and went on to wear many different Rolex watch models during his reign as head the Prime Minister/President/Dictator of Cuba. In the photo above, we see Castro in 1964 wearing an early Coke Rolex GMT-Master with no crown guards [Reference 6542]. Castro is smiling, and perhaps for good reason. After all, he made JFK stand-down during the Cuban missile crisis, and he was on a role.

In the next photo below we see him years later wearing a GMT-Master with Crown Guards.

In the photo below, we have visual confirmation that Fidel Castro's second GMT-Master was a Pepsi, v. the one above which is a Coke!

The Fidel Castro photo below is a trip if you thing about it!?!! He is driving around with his Rolex GMT-Master Coke on his wrist, which is a reference 6452, and he has a Soviet Kalashnikov AK-47 just behind him in the storage bin, and he is giving an interview!!! What a crazy life being a revolutionary must have been for him.

Rolex El Presidente

Fidel Castro is pictured below in 1959 wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date, which has an unmistakably iconic Rolex President bracelet—easily recognizable from across a room. The irony in this photo that the Rolex Day-Date had just been introduced to the market place several years before this photo was taken.

Castro Rockin' Rolexes in The Kremlin

Years ago, I noticed the fact Fidel Castro was regularly wearing two Rolex watches on his left wrist, I wondered why he would do such a thing?  I think it was symbolic, because he wanted everybody to know he was keeping local Cuban time as well as the time at the Kremlin, in Moscow. In the photos below, we see Castro meeting with Nikita Khruschev at the Kremlin. 

By the way, that is Karl Marx's portrait hanging on the wall, who was also a bearded fellow...It's kind of ironic Castro is smoking a Cuban Cigar and wearing two Rolex watches in the Kremlin while he chats with Khruschev, in front of a Karl Marx picture :-)

The non-verbal body language in this photo is absolutely fascinating! Notice everybody in the room is staring at Castro's cigar, and everybody sitting is smiling with their hands folded in front of them on the table, and the three guys standing below the portrait of Marx, have their arms behind their backs.

Che Guevara

Che Guevara was Fidel Castro's right-hand-man, and we see him pictured below holding a magazine with Fidel Castro pictured on the front. Che Guevara also wore a Rolex GMT-Master, as did Castro, and we see it on his wrist in the photos below.