Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Spy Saturday History...

I Spy Saturday History

I started a new feature which I thought would be fun where I would post a new episode of I Spy every Saturday and I ran into a challenge. The challenge is the writing on the show was so bad and the plot lines are so thin that it is hard to watch. I think my evaluation of Episode 2, Season 1, which you can see by clicking here, yielded the positive Rolex GMT Master identification I was seeking.

In the future, I plan to watch all the episodes on my own and if I find any cool Rolex shots or a cool episode I will share them with you.

Rolex Hotness: Linsey Lohan

Rolex Hotness: Lindsay Lohan
18K Rolex Day-Date

Leo's 18K Submariner...

Leo's 18K Submariner
[Reference 16618, Model Year 2000]