Monday, February 13, 2023

10 Millionth COSC Rolex


Just When You Thought You Have Seen It All

All Platinum Unique Yacht-Master

10 Millionth COSC Rolex

Just when I started thinking I might have seen it all in the world of Rolex, Nick Gould shares this over-the-top unique all platinum Rolex Yacht-Master model with me that was made for either former André-Jean Heiniger, or his son, Patrick Heiniger. In case you are not familiar, this model historically only was made out of stainless steel with a Platinum bezel, or in yellow gold, but has NEVER been made in Platinum. 

This special model was made to commemorate the the epic milestone as it is the 10 Millionth Rolex ever made with a COSC movement. This watch features a special dial designation that says "DIX MILLIONIEME CHRONOMETRE", which is unusual as Rolex which is very unusual as I don't recall seeing many Rolex watches that did not feature all English characters on the dial. This watch even features a special engraving on the Rotor that has a 10,000,000th Chronometer designation.

How would you like to own this unique Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master!?!! Well it's coming to auction this April 22nd with the Monaco Legend Group, which is located in Monte Carlo at Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel. Monaco Legend Group has one AMAZING Instagram page if you wan't to check out some seriously cool watches...

1977 Rolex Brochure Cover...


Rolex Brochure Cover

I am pretty certain this is the first Rolex brochure I ever looked at when I was young...Total Deja Vu when I look at this now!!!

...Rolex Tennis Super-Hotness... Ana Ivanovic

...Rolex Tennis Super-Hotness...

Ana Ivanovic

Rolex Daytona