Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tiger Woods Wife Elin Woods Prefers Rolex...

Rolex Hotness: Elin Woods
Tiger Woods Wife Prefers Rolex

Tiger Woods wife, Elin Nordegren-Woods was born in Stockholm, Sweden and she is pictured below wearing a Rolex Submariner.

I am not going to go into any detail about the challenges Tiger Woods is facing today. Tiger is an amazing golfer–perhaps the greatest that ever lived. It really kinda sucks to watch him fall so far so fast from grace.

The Tiger Tudor

Tiger Woods is pictured below with his father who was his trainer until he passed away. Tiger is pictured wearing his trademark Tiger Tudor made by Rolex. Tiger said his father Earl Woods was not only his best friend, but the best friend he could ever have in his life because they were so close.

Rolex signed a deal with Tiger Woods to make a Rolex Tudor Tiger model for years. I always thought Rolex was stupid for not making Tiger a Rolex Ambassador after his contract with Tudor expired. Boy was I wrong!!!! I'll bet Rolex is so happy that he is not a Rolex Ambassador today!!!!

Update: Tiger Wood's Time Is Up

As of December 18, 2009, Tag-Heuer dropped Tiger Woods from their United States advertising campaign. Tag-Heuer originally stood up for Tiger stating that his personal problems were not their business, but on December 18, Tag did an about face and dropped Tiger. This was after Accenture and Gillette pulled Tiger ads.

Hot Wheels Moment of the Day: Chrysler SuperCuda v. Enzo Ferrari

...Hot Wheels...
Da Chrysler SuperCuda v. Da Enzo Ferrari
Da Bears!!! Da Bulls!!! Da Chryzler Super Cuda!!!

What does this story have to do with anything!?! I have no idea!!!

I think I am just having a Hot Wheels moment!!!?!!? ;-))))))

Actually, I can't seem to get that Sonny & Cher "And The Beat Goes On" video out of my mind!!!!

Or maybe it is the green and red Christmas Color combination in these photos!?!?

So what happens when you put up a modern Enzo Ferrari race car against a 1960s American Muscle Car that has been significantly updated?

Watch this video to find out, and make certain to turn the volume way, way up!!!!

Da Bears!!!! Da Bulls!!!!
Da Enzo Ferrari!!! Da Chryzler Super Cuda!!!

The Future Of Cycling from MIT: Green Transportation Technology...

The Future Of Cycling from MIT
The Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change

I am really into cycling, both road and mountain biking, so I am absolutely fascinated with Cycling technology. MIT just introduced what appears to be a revolutionary hybrid bike that stores kinetic energy from braking and pedaling that you can use later. This stored energy makes it easy to climb steep hills or just cruise faster.