Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hot Wheels Moment of the Day: Chrysler SuperCuda v. Enzo Ferrari

...Hot Wheels...
Da Chrysler SuperCuda v. Da Enzo Ferrari
Da Bears!!! Da Bulls!!! Da Chryzler Super Cuda!!!

What does this story have to do with anything!?! I have no idea!!!

I think I am just having a Hot Wheels moment!!!?!!? ;-))))))

Actually, I can't seem to get that Sonny & Cher "And The Beat Goes On" video out of my mind!!!!

Or maybe it is the green and red Christmas Color combination in these photos!?!?

So what happens when you put up a modern Enzo Ferrari race car against a 1960s American Muscle Car that has been significantly updated?

Watch this video to find out, and make certain to turn the volume way, way up!!!!

Da Bears!!!! Da Bulls!!!!
Da Enzo Ferrari!!! Da Chryzler Super Cuda!!!