Saturday, January 05, 2019

Another Piece Of The Steve McQueen /Loren Janes Submariner Story Discovered...

Another Piece Of The

Steve McQueen 

Loren Janes Submariner 

Story Discovered

Nick Gould is an AMAZING researcher and he recently discovered a significant new piece of the Steve McQueen/Loren Janes Submariner mystery puzzle which we will be exploring in this story. What is cooler than Steve McQueen rockin' one of his stainless steel Rolex Submariner watches? Not much, which is one of the reasons I continue to find this story to be fascinating.

If you are new to this story, I will offer you a brief overview of how this story unfolded last year. Let's begin by looking at the photo below of Steve McQueen and Loren Janes taken in Hong Kong in 1966 on the set of Sand Pebbles.

Last year Loren Janes Rolex Submariner came up for auction and it featured an engraving from Steve McQueen as seen below. Keep in mind this is no ordinary Rolex, but one that has been to hell and back...They say "Every Rolex Tells A Story" and the back story on this watch is beyond epic and should be made into a movie...To understand the controversy behind this Rolex be sure to check out my story titled, "...Final Conclusions & Analysis...Did Steve McQueen give Loren Janes His Submariner?"

As I mentioned earlier, Nick Gould is an amazing researcher and he recently discovered and shared the following reproduction with me of a story Loren Janes wrote back in 1982 about his experience with getting bitten by a snake in 1966 while shooting on the set of Sand Pebbles in Hong Kong. I will remind you that Doc Duhame, who is a leading Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator for the Showtime hit, Ray Donovan told me a story about how Steve McQueen confirmed to him in front of Loren Janes that he gave Steve McQueen the Rolex pictured above. 

Steve McQueen said to Doc Duhame, "Trust me, Loren earned this Rolex Submariner when we worked together on the set of Sand Pebbles!" Steve was specifically talking about the Hellish experience Loren went through while shooting on the set. So let's hop in the Rolex Time Machine and head back to 1982  to get the story directly from Loren Janes:

Special Thanks to Nick Gould for sharing his research findings with us. Nick and I are still investigating this story and I am aware of a lot of details I have not published yet. I would say that this story is far from over, but as they say, time will tell :-)

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