Friday, March 01, 2019

Ryan Gosling and Rolex Space History...

...Rolex Coolness...

Ryan Gosling

Vintage White Dial Rolex Air-King

Cover Of GQ

Less than a month ago, I published a fascinating story on how GQ Magazine had interviewed me about the history of the Rolex GMT-Master. Ryan Gosling is pictured below on a recent cover of GQ, which discussed his recent movie, "First Man," the story of Neil Armstrong aboard Apollo 11. Of course, Apollo 11, in 1969, was the first NASA mission that allowed astronauts to land and walk on the moon. Notice Ryan Gosling is wearing his vintage white-dial Rolex Air-King in the photo on the cover of GQ.

Rolex Space History

2019 represents the 50th Anniversary of mankind's conquest of the moon. 2019 will also be a huge year for Jake's Rolex World as we will be revealing all kinds of fascinating Rolex space history that has never been published or documented. There is more to the image above than meets the eye, yet it's hiding in plain sight, and you will discover through the rest of the year!!! I will go as far as to say, based upon all the amazing research findings I have seen, that the space race is still on, and the scholarship of the history of Rolex in space is about to go much deeper. Much, much deeper!!!!

Before I started publishing Jake's Rolex World eleven years ago, there really was very little Rolex space history. That has all changed as I have published so many of my discoveries over the past decade, but Rolex space history as we know it is about to change significantly, and all I can say is that things are not what they have appeared to be...

This Rolex space history news discovery began this year with my Wally Schirra (Apollo 7) GMT-Master story, and went on to my Michael Collins (Apollo 11) Rolex Day-Date story, as well as my Pete Conrad (Apollo 12) story. Let the countdown begin!!!