Sunday, November 04, 2018

Jacques-Yves Cousteau Rolex Mystery Puzzle Piece

...In Search Of...

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Rolex Mystery Puzzle Piece

With Rolex Mystery Man

There are two men I am completely obsessed with exploring on Jake's Rolex World. The first is Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex; and the second is the greatest explorer that ever lived, and that is Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Eleven years ago, when I began publishing Jake's Rolex World I was frustrated as there was so little meaningful history and content on the web regarding these men of such high achievement, so I was hellbent on sharing and showcasing thier stories. Today, my coverage of both men is far more extensive than anything else on the web!

This leads us to the image you are seeing below for the first time. On the far right we see Jacques-Yves cousteau, and he is talking to a man who looks a little bit like another lengendary Rolex Explorer  to me and that is Jacques Piccard, but I assure you he is not Piccard. 

Who is this mystery Rolex history man? It will soon be revealed to you by the team at Jake's Rolex World, in an upcoming Rolex history story. I will give you a clue: The story is about the life aquatic, and represents a MAJOR, MAJOR piece of largely undocumented Rolex history. Stay tunned for more...soon...