Saturday, August 12, 2017

DJ Khaled Buys Team Members Rolex Watches

...Rolex RapMaster...

DJ Khaled

Buys Team Members Rolex Watches

DJ Khaled is a top DJ, Record Producer, Radio Personality, Record Label Executive, and Author. 

DJ Khaled's most recent album, titled "Grateful" recently went Platinum and was the best selling album. As a result, DJ Khaled, rewarded his team members with some fresh new gold Rolex watches, or as DJ Khaled refers to them as a, "Rolly". Speaking of Rollies, this reminds me of Ayo & Teo's song, "Rolex", which says, "All I ever wanted was a Rolly." Be sure to hit the play button below in DJ Khaled's Instagram video to see him giving out Rolex watches to his dedicated team members.

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Below is a DJ Khaled video with a bunch of famous rappers including Lil Wayne, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber, and this video has almost hit 600 Million views on Youtube.

DJ Khaled loves giving gold Rolex watches as gifts, as we see in the photo below, as he is giving fellow rapper 'Future" a gold Rolex.

DJ Khaled is featured below on the Ellen show talking about his career achievements, and notice not only are they both wearing Rolex watches, and Ellen DeGeneres is wearing a beautiful Pepsi GMT-Master.