Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Jay Hernandez: Rolex Watches On and Off-Screen

Rising Rolex Star...

Jay Hernandez


I watched "Toy Story 4" with my family this past weekend, and one of the voices is played by a Rolex-wearing rising star, Jay Hernandez. Jake wrote about Jay Hernandez last year when the reboot of "Magnum P.I." was first announced by CBS. Though the actor wouldn't be wearing Tom Selleck's 'stache for the reprisal of the role, the viewers were promised the red Ferrari, the dobermanns and, of course, the Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master. 

I've been enjoying the reboot, and Jay brings a fun, laid-back personality to Thomas Magnum's character. He still asks his buddies for favors and never gets hung up on money, even from his clients, though he seems always broke. For him, that justice is served and the case closed are what's important. 

I thought Jay was given the Pepsi GMT-Master II 16710 just for the role but until recently, I was unaware he was a Rolex fan.

Here the California native rocks his personal Batman while being interviewed alongside Perdita Weeks, who plays Juliett Higgins in "Magnum P.I." 

Jay Hernandez also likes to rock his Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39. I love how the light plays on the dark rhodium dial and almost changes its color. 

Before his role in "Magnum P.I.," he starred alongside Mila Kunis as the hot dad in the comedy film "Bad Moms," where he was already sporting his pre-ceramic no-date Submariner.

He was recently cast as one of the voices in "Toy Story 4," as the child's father, and now wears a two-tone ceramic Submariner 116613LN.

Few know that Jay didn't aspire to be an actor. While riding an elevator in a high-rise in Los Angeles, he was approached by a talent manager who suggested Jay had what it took to have a successful career in Hollywood. He enrolled Jay into acting school and sent his pictures to casting agents. Every Rolex tells a story, and Jay's is shaping to be an interesting one!