Thursday, April 20, 2023

A NEW 40MM Rolex Explorer

A NEW 40MM Rolex Explorer
I am almost done with my coverage of Rolex's novelties launched recently at Watches and Wonders. Today we are taking a look at Rolex's brand-new 40MM Rolex Explorer which I think is a brilliant new model and here is why: I have NEVER been much of a fan of the 36MM size of the standard Rolex Explorer. Why? Rolex introduced the 36MM Explorer in 1953 at Basel Fair, which was an homage to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual models that Rolex had equipped the British exploration team that were the first to summit Mount Everest. 

1953 Rolex Magazine Explorer Model Introduction Ad

The Rolex Explorer ad pictured above first appeared in the Geographic Magazine in 1953. Notice how primitive the early Rolex bracelet was in the sense it lacked Solid End Links (SOL).

At the time, 36MM was a larger size. If you fast-forward 71 years later to 2023, the bottom line is that human's have grown MUCH larger, and thus it makes perfect sense the Rolex has been modernized. This is not the first time Rolex upsized the Explorer as they came out with a 39MM model years ago, but it's scaling was off as  Adrian Barker discusses in his excellent video seen below.

Don't worry, Rolex is still making the 36MM Explorer Model, so if you prefer a smaller size you will maintain this option. You can learn much more by checking out my story titled, The Complete History: Rolex Conquers Mount Everest.