Saturday, April 07, 2018

1957 Rolex Submariner Ad Proof...

The Evolution Of The Revolution
1957 Rolex Submariner Ad Proof

This 1957 Rolex advertisement proof from Asia is very similar to a 1955 version which you can see by clicking here. If you click on the link and see the original version of this ad you see the first known Rolex advertisement I know of for the Rolex Submariner. Click on the image below to be able to read it more clearly.

If you read this ad and then think about the historical significance of a watch we take for granted today, it is really profound. It is also profoundly interesting to understand that at the time of this advertisement, which has Hans Wilsdorf's name on it, that Hans Wilsdorf (The Founder of Rolex) had started Rolex 51 years earlier and was three years away from his death. Hans Wilsdorf must have been one proud man and his achievements to this day are astounding!!!