Friday, March 25, 2016

New Gold Rolex Daytona Models Very Cool New Color Dials

...BaselWorld 2016 Introduction...

New Gold Rolex Daytona Models
Very Cool New Color Dials 

At BaselWorld 2016, Rolex showed off two new gold models. The first is in white gold and it has a cobalt blue sunburst dial with red 5 minute micro markers, with matching red inner sundial rings that match the Red DAYTONA Dial designation.

Rolex also showed off a yellow gold Daytona with a dark kelly green dial with red details as seen below. Both these watches are so great looking!!!! I could not help but notice the yellow gold Daytona has longer lugs than the white gold model...I have never been able to figure out why Rolex does this? Also, I am a big fan of colored dials. Not that there is anything wrong with a black or white dial. I just think these shades of blue and green are timeless and charismatic cool...

Jocke is a famous Rolex fanatic from Sweden and he attends BaselWorld every year. He took the photos below of the new Rolex models.