Thursday, March 17, 2016

BaselWorld 2016 Introduction... Rolex Datejust Yellow Rolesor

...BaselWorld 2016 Introduction...

Rolex Datejust Yellow Rolesor 
41MM Reference 126333

So this is pretty crazy!!! On the 90th anniversary of the invention of the Rolex Oyster, at BaselWorld 2016 Rolex introduced a 41MM Two Tone, Stainless and Gold Datejust which has the exact proportions of the original 36mm Rolex Datejust–including the Jubilee bracelet. This approach is remarkably similar to what they did when they introduced the 41MM Rolex Day-Date. Basically, I think Rolex realized they took a misstep when they introduced the Day-Date II, and Datejust II, which moved away from the original iconic Rolex design language. Obviously they took corrective action to return to their roots, which is a Home Run in my opinion.

One of the most interesting design details on the new Datejust is how it has such a strong FlatBack. A FlatBack is the opposite of a BubbleBack. I believe from a design perspective the new Datejust has a more flatback since it has been scaled up. I applaud this move as I have always preferred flatback watches as they sit much closer and better on the wrist. In other words, a flatback watch seems more organic since wrists are naturally flat in shape.

The new Datejust comes with the new 3235 Rolex movement which made its debut last year at BaselWorld 2015 in the 41MM Day-Date. This magnificent movement is amazingly accurate and sets the new standard for accuracy. This evolutionary step with increased performance made Rolex develop a new standard beyond COSC which Rolex refers to as The Rolex Green Seal

The Rolex Green Seal puts forth a higher then ever new standard in watchmaking of -2/+2. Also included in the new Rolex Green Seal standard is a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!!!!!!?! This means Rolex not only stands behind its product but knows how accurate they are. In other words, Rolex figured out how to make mechanical automatic movements that are as accurate as quartz movements.

Roger Federer: Rockin' The New Daytona Reference 116500LN

...Rolex Super-Coolness...

Roger Federer

The Greatest Tennis Player In History
Rockin' The New Daytona Reference 116500LN

Here is the first photo of a celebrity wearing the new Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with the white dial and ceramic black bezel. Is this a great looking new Rolex or What!!?!

BaselWorld 2016 Introduction... Rolex Yacht-Master

...BaselWorld 2016 Introduction...

Rolex Yacht-Master
40MM Reference 116621

Rolex introduced a new 40MM Yacht-Master model in stainless and rose gold, which comes with a brown sunburst dial. It is really cool to see Rolex expand the Yacht-Master lineup over time.

...BaselWorld 2016 Introduction...

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark
41MM Reference 79230DK: Black PVD-Treated Steel

As I previously mentioned, Tudor is on a tear. During BaselWorld 2016 they introduced this wild new thang!!! This Tudor watch is the first black watch (PVD) make by Tudor. It also features a red depth designation on the dial, which looks so Rad!!!! Pricing will begin at $4,150 on a strap and $4,475 on a matching PVD bracelet, as seen below.

Pictured below we see the new in-house Tudor MT5602 automatic movement which is in this watch, and is COSC certified, with a 70 hour power reserve. This movement look rather stark in comparison to a Rolex movement, and it beats 28,800 beats' hour or 4Hz. The movement is regulated by a variable inertia oscillator with a silicon balance spring which is extremely durable, built-to-last and completely immune to any form of magnetism. The movement is also COSC Certified.