Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPad Review Coming...

iPad Review Coming

I have been working on my detailed iPad review for Jake's Rolex World and it is going well. I have also been experimenting with optimizing Jake's Rolex World for viewing on the iPad which is a huge challenge =(

I posted this first video of the 2 year-year-old girl's first experience with the iPad earlier this week, and I decided to ad it to this story to contrast just how intuitive it is for a 2 year old girl and 66 year old man. I also included this second video of Charlie Rose discussing the iPad because I realize there are many people who don't understand exactly what the iPad is and what it does.

Inspirational iPad Videos of A 2 Year Old, A 66 Year Old & A Cat
All Jamming With The iPad!!!

I think this first video is very compelling because it illustrates how engaging the iPad is. I think most people are visual learners and the iPad makes learning fun and intuitive...

Charlie Rose Takes A Look At iPad
with Walt Mossberg

Charlie Rose is 66 years old and he seems to be as smitten with the all-new iPad as the 2 year old girl in the above video!!! I think this huge age delta just goes to show how universal the iPad's appeal is!!!

Sorry, but I had to add this video of a cat jamming on the iPad!!! It is like the iPad is Catnip!!!

Summer Is On Its Way...

Rolex Outdoor Shot Of The Day
Summer Is On Its Way

Last summer I was at my uncle's house and I noticed the Heineken beer he was drinking matched my LV so I took this shot with my iPhone.

Rolex Coolness: NCIS Actors...

Rolex Coolness: NCIS Actors

Both of the main actors on NCIS wear Rolex Sport watches, and as we see in the second image, Mark Harmon wears a white dial Explorer II.

Mark Harmon Wearing His Rolex Explorer II