Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi...

JPE took this stunning shot of his GMT Master II Pepsi...

Photo Credit: JPE

Sean Connery as James Bond Rolex Submariner on a NATO Strap...

Sean Connery is a masculine actor!!!

Vintage Rolex Day-Date Advertisement from late 1960s...

If taming oil well fires were your job you'd wear a Rolex

Oil well fires are terrifying spectacles. Taming the flames calls for great skill–plus a daredevil courage not found in every man. Red Adair, shown here on a recent assignment, is one of those who has it to spare.

It's no surprise that he's a Rolex man. Men of action all over the world are invariably drawn to the watch that takes the rough right in stride.

The watch Red Adair wears is the Rolex Day-Date. $1,150 its Oyster* case is carved from a solid block of 18kt gold.

Inside is a self-winding 30-jewel chronometer movement that can withstand extremes of heat and cold.

Because so much of the work is done by hand, it takes more than a year to make a Rolex.

Which is why a Rolex will last you a lifetime.

*Individually tested and guaranteed to a depth of 165 feet, if case, crown and crystal are intact.

Official Timepiece, Pan American World Airways.

Customized Vintage Rolex Corvette, Rolex Hurricane & Rolex Royal...

March 8, 2012 Update on this story:

I originally published this story 4 years ago in 2008. I remember how excited I was to find out that Rolex made a Corvette model watch! A person I knew and trusted at the time, told me I was making a fool out of myself, because he insisted the watches were not real. He told me they were absolutely fake and told me I should take them down. I refused, to take them down, because they looked real to me, and instead, I put up a "Questionable Authenticity" tag on them.

Fast forward to today. I received an extremely nasty email from somebody who did not bother mentioning their name, and I posted it below their apparent image on this page. The simple truth is I was misinformed by a pretentious idiot who was wrong. So today, I removed the "Questionable Authenticity" label, and I sincerely apologize for my error.

Below is the nasty email I received in my inbox from

You owe me a Mia Culpa! First, you stole a picture of mine from the internet (it isn't hard to get permission when someone posts on a forum - you just register with the Forum ( and then PM or Email the poster to ask permission to use a picture!

Here is your blog link:

Then you DISSED my picture saying that you had a (un) reliable source who said that the watches never existed!

My friend - you owe me. You owe me for stealing my very real picture of my very real and very genuine watches. And you owe me a public mia culpa on your blog for not following through on your promise to investigate further.

Below is a 95% complete list of the names of the Rolex (and Tudor) watches that were made over the course of the 40s (and some into the fifties)...

If you doubt me, start a thread on TimeZone. I promise to watch and I will post a copy of an original ad for both the Hurricane and the Corvette. You'll find me registered as CanadianOysterWatcher on TimeZone.

Oyster Lipton
Oyster Commander -
Oyser Shipmate -
Oyster Chester -
Oyster Raleigh -
Oyser Regent -
Oyster Lincoln -
Oyster Wellington -
Marconi -
Oyster Pioneer -
Rolex Oyster Viceroy -
Rolex Oyster Royal Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Royalite Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Army -
Rolex Oyster Imperial -
Rolex Corvette Observatory -
Rolex Hurricane Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Ellsworth Observatory
Rolex London Chronometer Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Falcon Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Firefly Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Majestic Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Pall Mall Observatory -
Rolex Oyster Royalite -
Rolex Oyster Royal - Royal Navy
Rolex Oyster Seaforth Observatory - .
Rolex Oyster Drake Precision -
Oyster Grenfell -
Rolex Skyrocket -
Rolex Wellington -
Rolex Victory -
Oyster Explorer -
Oyster Edison -
Oyster Neptune -
Princeton Oyster -
Rolex Oyster Everest -
Tudor Oyster Athlete -
Turtle Timer Zell Bros. -
Tudor Bristol -
Tudor Oyster Air-Lion -
Tudor Oyster Essex -
Tudor Oyster Exeter -
Tudor Oyster Sussex -
Tudor Oyster Yorke -
Tudor Oyster Brock -
Tudor Oyster Air-Tiger,
Tudor Oyster Air-Giant -
Tudor Oyster Kent -
Tudor Oyster Devon -
Tudor Oyster Norseman -
Tudor Oyster Regent -

Jake's Quote of the Day...

I don't take the photograph.  The photograph takes me. –Henri Cartier-Bresson