Thursday, June 10, 2021






[Reference 1680]

I couldn't help but notice Hodinkee offering for sale an AMAZING 1969 Rolex Single Red Submariner with a Mark II dial which includes a full set including box and papers. This fantastic beauty is for sale at $49,000.

What makes this watch so RAD you ask? In many ways this watch is the grandfather of the current Submariner. In other words, in 1969 Rolex introduced a revolutionary all-new Submariner which became the archetype for the modern Submariner. Methinks one of the reason I like this Single Red Submariner so much is that it reminds me of the Single Red SEA-DWELLER which deputed in 1967 in prototype form with a Date and Cyclops magnifier lens.

The is 1969 Submariner came with a new Reference Number of 1680, and was the first Submariner that featured a date feature and this new model was knows as the "Rolex Oyster Perpetual DATE Submariner." This model featured a depth rating of 200 Meters which was the equivalent of 660 feet.

This particular Submariner Hodinkee is offering for sale is a superb example with an excellent patina and as we see it comes with a "Full Set" that includes the original box, papers, brochure and other accessories. Basically the proud owner of this watch will own a magnificent vintage Rolex Submariner that is essentially a Rolex time machine. Check in out on

Hodinkee's Brandon Frazin offers this great description:

Another "Red" Submariner hits the shop this week; this one is a real beauty, complete with box, papers, and accessories. No matter how many times I see one of these, that little line of red text gets me going. This one is particularly beautiful with lovely custard-colored lume and an overall great vintage vibe. It features the sought-after Mark II dial, which is indicated by the "meters first" depth rating on the dial. Additionally, Mark II dials are known to go "tropical" or change color with age. You can find completely black dials or ones that have turned brown like a Hershey's chocolate bar. The dial on this example has stayed fairly black, but it does have a brownish look to it in certain lights and a real tropical feel in the metal – we'll need to keep tabs on this one to see how it looks in 20 years.