Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alessandra Ambrosio Brazilian Supper Leggy Model

...Rolex Super-Hotness Fashion Watch...

Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian Supper Leggy Model

Victoria Secret & Rolex Model

Alessandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model who is a top Victoria's Secret Model. She was also the first Victoria;s Secret model to be a spokesmodel for their PINK line. In 2012, Forbes ranked her as the sixth highest paid model in the world, based upon her having earned $6.6 Million in one year.

Alessandra Ambrosio is a big Rolex fan and owns multiple Rolex models. In the photo above and below she is seen wearing her yellow gold Rolex Day-Date on a matching Rolex Oyster bracelet. Ironically, Rolex no longer offers this combination with the Day-Date. Instead, they only offer the Day-Date with a matching iconic Rolex President Bracelet.

Alessandra Ambrosio appeared in a Spring 2005 Rolex Ad campaign which featured women underwater wearing their Rolex Oyster watches. These ads, from what I understand were influenced by then Rolex CEO, Patrick Heiniger. I believe it was a play on a modern Rolex Mermaid.

In this next photo we see Alessandra Ambrosio out and about in Brentwood, California. She is wearing her yellow gold Rolex Day-Date coupled with her Hermes "H" Belt.

This next photo of Alessandra Ambrosio shows her at the 2015 Coachella Fair, and if you look closely she is wearing a vintage stainless steel Rolex Oyster with a mint green dial with her 1960 themed outfit.