Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mission Blue Expedition to Galápagos Episode 1-3


Mission Blue

Expedition to Galápagos

Episode 1-3

“Think like an ocean”. Working to protect the iconic Galápagos Islands Marine Reserve, Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue team led a groundbreaking expedition to assess the health of the ocean after nearly 25 years of protection. What they found could be used as a blueprint of success for the rest of the planet.

Mission Blue has been helping to track animals in the Galápagos Marine Reserve to analyse their well-being around the archipelago. Through this work, legendary oceanographer Sylvia Earle and a team of scientists are making incredible insights into the connectivity of the Galápagos with the rest of the planet – including discovering DNA sequences that could be completely new to science.

In the Galápagos Islands, Manuel Yepez used to catch and sell sharks. Today, he is one of two Mission Blue “Champions” in the archipelago; logging, sampling and distributing information about the diverse marine life he comes across. Through combined efforts with local fishermen like him, Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue are fighting to protect the incredible diversity of the Galápagos Islands, passing the torch to the next generation in the process.