Monday, March 10, 2008

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Acquiring all this precious Rolex history Is literally a race against time. Become a part of Rolex History by supporting it!!!

Compare Jake's Online Rolex Watch Magazine & Rolex Research Library to a printed paper magazine or Book:

Value: If you purchase a watch magazine in a store the average price is at least $8 plus sales tax per issue and if you are a Rolex enthusiast you will be lucky if you can find 1 Rolex story per month. Jake's Rolex Watch Blog averages more than 100 posts a month with many hundreds of images per month, and there are already over 1750 posts and detailed articles in the library.

Environmentally Friendly: Paper magazines are terrible for the environment. They waste paper and the ink they use is highly toxic and terrible for the environment. Also magazines have to be delivered in trucks which waste fuel and have a huge carbon footprint.

Bigger & Better than any Book: There are some great Rolex history books available, but books, like magazines are typically very limited in scope, not to mention the average Rolex book costs way more than $100. Almost all Rolex history books are dedicated to vintage Rolex watches, so you don't see new Rolex models, Rolex News, or cool lume shots, or celebrities wearing Rolex.

Books are rarely, if ever, updated, but Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is constantly being updated. Books & magazines cannot be easily searched or accessed from any computer in the world and they take up storage space. Books and Magazines also can't contain video content or allow you to comment on stories. Books don't have hyper-links that allow you to click and go to other internet resources.

Books don't contain Book Reviews on other books or audio Podcasts. Books and magazines are also limited in physical size. Jake's Rolex Watch Blog already has more than 800 cross referenced articles and posts that will continue to grow for years to come. There is nothing worse than ordering an expensive book, and then being disappointed with its content. If you decide to return the book, it is a big, time consuming hassle.

Easily Searchable: Many, many thousands of images in Jake's Rolex Research Library are easily searchable. Magazines are not searchable.

Space Saving: Paper magazines take up much space for storage and just sit around an collect dust. It is difficult to find anything you are looking for from a past issue. Most people throw out magazines after they have read them which is environmentally unhealthy. Also, if you throw them out, then you can't go back and find the article or photo your were looking for.

Large Images: Most images in magazines are small and cannot be enlarged by clicking on the image. The average image on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is 800 pixels wide and many can be enlarged up to 1600 pixels.

Largest Cross-Referenced Rolex Research Library in the World: Magazines are not cross-referenced or indexed. Every article & post on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is cross-indexed and cross-referenced. This means you can click on the label underneath each post to instantly create a page based upon that label. It is really easy to find anything you have viewed in the past or are looking for on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog.

Quality Photos and commentary: Jake's Rolex Watch Blog has many, many thousands of high-quality, high-resolution images at your disposal.

Exclusive Content: There is a tremendous amount of deeply profound and insightful Rolex history, photos and podcasts on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog that does not exist in any book, magazine or on the web.

Exploring People: If you examine watch magazines or books, they consist primarily of static studio photos of just watches–but watches are made for people to wear on their wrist. So at Jake's Rolex Watch Blog we go beyond the mundane and explore people wearing their Rolex watches. We also do wrist shots that show how people see their own Rolex watches. People wearing their watches is typically far more interesting than just static studio shots, and we take an inclusive approach by having shots of everybody, from our readers to celebrities, including movie stars, TV stars, athletes –all the way through Astronauts.

Truth & Mythbusting: Jake's Rolex Watch Blog separates the fact from the fiction. You won't find ANY misleading content on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. For instance, you won't find me referring to the original Rolex Explorer II as the "The Steve McQueen Explorer." I don't perpetuate false myths. If you don't know that Steve McQueen NEVER wore a Rolex Explorer, you don't know Rolex well, but you will learn about the truth on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. Another example of busting a perpetuated myth would be the false myth that says the Rolex Day-Date was nicknamed the "Rolex President" because U.S. President, Dwight Eisenhower wore one. This not true. Eisenhower only ever wore a Rolex Datejust. I defy anybody to produce a photo of Steve McQueen wearing a Rolex Explorer, or Dwight Eisenhower wearing a Rolex Day-Date.

Authenticity: If we run a story and later learn that the watch has questionable authenticity, we add it to our Questionable Authenticity database which you can visit by clicking here.

Easy Access: You can access Jake's Rolex Watch Blog from any computer on earth with web access.

Pure Passion for Rolex: Magazines HAVE to fill their pages with content every month in order to stay in business. Often times, writers write for the money because it is a job. I write about Rolex because I have been extremely passionate about the Rolex brand for over a quarter-century.

Vintage Rolex Advertisements: Rolex advertising through the years has been amazing. You won't find a larger or more eclectic selection of interesting vintage Rolex advertisementsanywhere else.

Easy to read: I try to write the blog so a 5th grader can understand it. I take this simple approach to make it fun and easy to read.

Neutrality: Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is neutral–like Switzerland. My only commitment is to my readers and to the truth.

Unbiased: Think of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog as the Consumer Reports of Rolex. We take an unbiased approach to reporting news and views.

User interaction: With a paper magazine there is little if any customer interaction. On Jake's Rolex Watch Blog anybody can comment and help update information. This ensures accuracy.

Readers Love Jake's Rolex Watch Blog: If you don't believe me, just look at the unsolicited compliments the blog gets. Click here to read the accolades for Jake's Rolex Watch Blog.

Updated Content: I constantly update writing content and add photos to stories. When I get a better version of a photo, I update them as well. This is virtually impossible with books and magazines.

Reviews: If you are considering purchasing a watch, you will find all kinds of news, reviews, photos and commentary on every model so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Galleries: Magazines don't have galleries by subject. For instance, on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog you can click on the Actors or Actresses Gallery and just check out photos of actors wearing Rolex.

Non-Toxic: Many books and magazine use highly toxic ink. Have you ever noticed that when you pickup many books and magazines and open them, they have a toxic scent which is not healthy for you to breath.

Links: A magazine does not have live links you can click on to other valuable web resources.

Email Stories: Every post and article on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog has an email icon at the bottom of it that allows you to email any post to a friend or even to yourself for later reading. I do not collect or monitor any email addresses so your privacy is protected.

Ease of Use: Since Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is available to everybody there is no need to remember your user name and password.

No Ugly Watermarks: Many sights on the web put ugly watermarks on their images. I don't like looking at them and I don't imagine you do either, so every image on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is advertisement and watermark free.

User Input: You own Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. I publish it for you. Whenever anybody sends in anything interesting I share it. I listen to you. I take my direction from you because I am you. I am probably the biggest fan of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. Often times after I finish working on the blog, I look at it like a reader and just stare at the beautiful pictures.

If you have made a donation, thank you very much for supporting the future progress of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. I you have not made a donation, please do so today.

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