Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really Handsome Rolex GMT II Ceramic with Rolex Green Dial...

The Yellow Rolex GMT II Ceramic has got to be one of the best looking Rolex watches ever made.

The Rolex Green Dial with the Black Ceramic Bezel with the Yellow Gold Body is great combo.

The Maxi Markers, Fat Hands and Supercase are awesome!!!!

Photo Credit: Rolex

Eric Clapton Submariner...

Eric Clapton wearing a Red Submariner...

Rolex Explorer II

In this photo it looks like the second hand and 24 hour hand have been removed, but the second hand is blurred by the long exposure and the 24 hour hand is hiding behind the minute hand.

New York Yankees 1961 World Championship Presentational Rolex

1961 Bill "Moose" Skowron New York Yankees World Championship Presentational Rolex Watch. Number three on the Yankees' home run chart with twenty-three in 1961, the stocky first baseman certainly played a key role in the Bombers' eventual World Championship this season, a feat for which he was presented this fine Rolex by the Commissioner of Baseball.

The band is not original to the watch, and is crafted from gold-plated stainless steel. Condition is unimprovable, with not a single defect to be found, and the watch is perfectly operational. The provenance is likewise superb, as the watch is accompanied by a handwritten letter from Skowron attesting to the details of its presentation and sale to a collector.

This watch lot # 19557 sold in 2005 for $7,170 at Heritage Auctions. 

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Chuck Yeagers's Rolex GMT II...The Right Stuff...

I am writing a Definitive Rolex Series on General Chuck Yeager who is a Rolex Ambassador and lifelong Rolex wearer.  

Chuck Yeager was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound 61 years ago back in 1947, at age 24 and of course he was wearing his Rolex.

Orange NATO Coolness: Rolex Submariner Date, Stainless...

This orange NATO is a really fun look on a Rolex Submariner...

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Rolex Macro Shot of the Day: GMT II

Photoshop Fun: Stainless Rolex Submariner LV Supercase...

I heard Rolex may have perfected the process of making a Green Ceramic Bezel "LV" for the upcoming Supercase Sub.  

I was very curious to see what such a Rolex would look like so I decided to mock it up in Photoshop.

Looks pretty cool to me:

Rolex Wrist Shot of The Day: Stainless Submariner...

Rolex In The News: Giraglia Rolex Cup Yachting Event Underway in San Tropez...

The Giraglia Rolex Cup is underway in San Tropez. 

The race course starts in St Tropez, France, goes straight to Giraglia Rock on Corsica and ends up in Genoa, Italy.

Rolex has been the principal sponsor of the Giraglia Race since 1997.  The Giraglia first began in 1953.

Rolex sponsors many racing events all over the planet.

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Rolex In The News: Rolex "James Bond" Submariner Watch Surprise

This 1958 Stainless Rolex Submariner surprised its owners when it sold for $107,550 at a Heritage Fine Jewelry & Timepieces Signature Auction. 

The Rolex Submariner dubbed the "James Bond" was worn by Sean Connery in Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfiger, and Thunderball.