Saturday, March 23, 2019

Tudor Introduction IRONIC ICONIC TUDOR PO1

Baselworld 2019 

Tudor Introduction



The Curious Case of the New Black Bay Model

The 2019 introduction of the Tudor Black Bay PO1 watch is the most unusually polarizing and controversial Baselworld introduction by Tudor I ever recall witnessing. In case you were not aware, the Tudor watch brand is owned by Rolex. My team and I, including Jose, who is the best horological forensics investigator I am aware of have been doing deep research into the backstory and history of this model, and every time I think it's ready to publish, we seem to wander and stumble into even more crazy insight. We are going to keep researching this fascinating story and publish it when we feel our research and findings are complete. I still have a lot more Baselworld observations I will be publishing soon!

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