Thursday, June 20, 2024

Federer Twelve Final Days...



Feature-length Documentary

Rolex sponsored the making of an amazing new documentary on tennis legend, Roger Federer's final days of his professional tennis playing career. The Federer documentary is available for watching exclusively on Amazon Prime beginning today, on June 20th

"Federer: Twelve Final Days" was directed by esteemed directors Asia Kapadia, and Joe Sabia, and examines Roger Federer's last days of his amazing tennis career achievements as the 20-time Grand Slam Champion. Much of the film chronicles occur during his participation nine months earlier in September of 2022 during the Laver Cup.

As you can see, there are a zillion video clips of Rocking Roger sporting his magnificent harem of Rolex watches. In this next video, we see Rocking Roger reacting to watching scenes from his documentary.

When I began publishing Jake's Rolex World, back in 2008, I believe Roger Federer had recently become an official Rolex brand ambassador, or as they say in Rolex parlance, a "Rolex Testimony". Below is an early Roger Federer Rolex ad I published in 2009:

I've been contemplating consolidating all my Roger Federer stories into one, which I might do in the future.