Tuesday, August 31, 2021

ROLEX Cellini Dual Time

...Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day...

ROLEX Cellini Dual Time

39MM Reference 50529 in Everose Gold

Monday, August 30, 2021

2021 U.S. Open

2021 U.S. Open

Friday, August 27, 2021

...Vintage Rolex Hotness...

Ali MacGraw

1968 Cartier Boutique Rolex Ad

There is nothing cooler in the world of Rolex spotting than discovering a famous person in a vintage Rolex ad rocking a Rolex. It's rare, but it happens. Nicolas from Adpatina.com recently discovered this AMAZING Cartier Boutique Rolex ad from 1968 which features a young Ali MacGraw clad in Bill Blass while sporting her ladies Rolex Oyster in Stainless Steel. Adpatina.com specializes in selling original vintage Rolex magazine advertisements both framed and unframed! 

We know vintage Rolex watches are going through the stratosphere in price, so many people like owning vintage ads, which are far less expensive, but will likely continue going up in price over the upcoming years.

The ad above which features Ali MacGraw when she was a model in 1968. No so long after she became a famous actress and started dating fellow actor, Steve McQueen who she is pictured with below in 1972. 

In an ironic twist of fate Steve is wearing the same Rolex Submariner [Reference 5512] model seen in the ad sans the Cartier logo and he married Ali! 

Nick Gould discovered the photo below of Ali MacGraw wearing her two-tone ladies Rolex Datejust.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Yellow Rolex Daytona with Green Dial


...Rolex Studio Shot of the Day...

Yellow Rolex Daytona with Green Dial

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rolex and SailGP

Rolex & SailGP 

Combining cutting-edge technology
with extraordinary skill and athleticism

The world of Rolex and sailing is one I am completely fascinated with as it is so extraordinary—as you will see and learn for yourself in this incredible video:

Rolex goes into detail:

SailGP is a global series featuring bold, cutting-edge technology and extraordinary individual skill and athleticism. National teams compete in identical, supercharged F50 catamarans, engineered for intense racing at speeds exceeding 50 knots (nearly 60 mph/100 kmh) in some of the world’s most famous harbours. 

Australia claimed its first victory of Season 2 by beating France and the United States in the UK leg held on Plymouth Sound. Rolex has partnered this highly competitive championship since 2019 as part of an enduring relationship with yachting that dates back more than 60 years. 

Discover more https://on.rolex.com/2VZcSgy 

Rolex has always associated with activities driven by passion, excellence, precision and team spirit. The Swiss watchmaker naturally gravitated towards the elite world of yachting six decades ago and the brand’s enduring partnership now encompasses the most prestigious clubs, races and regattas, as well as towering figures in the sport, including ground-breaking round-the-world yachtsman Sir Francis Chichester and the most successful Olympic sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie. 

Today, Rolex is Title Sponsor of 15 major international events – from leading offshore races such as the annual Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the biennial Rolex Fastnet Race, to grand prix competition at the Rolex TP52 World Championship and spectacular gatherings at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and the Rolex Swan Cup. It also supports the exciting SailGP global championship in which national teams race identical supercharged F50 catamarans on some of the world’s most famous harbours. Rolex’s partnerships with the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Royal Ocean Racing Club, Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Yacht Club Italiano, New York Yacht Club and Royal Yacht Squadron, among others, are the foundation of its enduring relationship with this dynamic sport.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Taking A Deep Dive Inside The Rolex Submariner 3230 Series Movement


...Rolex Macro Shots Of The Day...

Taking A Deep Dive 

Inside The Rolex Submariner 3230 Series Movement

The 3230 & 3235 Movements 

Rolex mechanical movements are absolute works of art, and the all-new Submariner 41MM Reference 124060 (pictured above) features the Caliber 3230 automatic mechanical movement (Pictured below) as well as the 3235 movement for the Submariner DATE model. 

In order for this new Submariner to keep superb mechanical time it depends on Rolex's waterproof 'Oyster' case which Rolex originally patented and brought to market in 1926. Proper movement lubrication is also paramount for excellent timekeeping which is why Rolex developed its own proprietary new lubricants that were developed in-house. Rolex's special state-of-the-art lubricant is not only a trade secret but significantly increases the dependable longevity and timekeeping performance.

Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) once responded to King Lois XVI's request for him to make a perfect watch by saying: 

"Show me the perfect lubricant and I will show you the perfect watch."

—Abraham-Louis Breguet

Automatic Kinetic Energy Winding 

Rolex developed and patented their super innovative 'Perpetual' rotor movement design in 1931, which is considered to be one of the greatest innovations in timekeeping. This free-spinning, self-winding rotor mechanism pivots on a central axle while capturing all the kinetic energy created by the wearers wrist movement, and allows the watch to constantly wind itself while being worn—all without the worry of overwinding.

This game-changing design is beautifully decorated despite the fact the movement inside the case is never seen by the owner. Methinks Rolex should consider implementing exhibition casebacks to showcase this splendor :-) I mean it really is a shame Rolex owners can't witness and enjoy the beauty of their watch movement. The bridges on the movement are satin finished, circular-grained or snailed while the gear trains and plates are circular-grained. All screw heads are mirror-polished coupled with precisely beveled edges.

The Rolex caliber 32XX Series movements feature a traversing balance bridge which isolates the oscillator from the automatic rotor and results in greatly improved shock-resistance and increased chronometric performance. The photo below brings us in for a close-up of the heart of the Rolex movement which shows the Oscillator with the Paraflex shock absorber precisely positioned on top, which is in the lower center of the photo. On the right side we see the gold 'end shake' screw which is surrounded by 7 micro-adjustment markers which remind me of a Keith Haring painting :-) Ironically, the 7 indexes are for balance height/endshake adjustment but 1/4 of a turn of the gold screw equals only .01MM, so the individual marks aren't very helpful per se.

Paraflex Shock Absorber 

The ruby red and gold Paraflex (pictured above and below) sits atop the Oscillator, which in a mechanical watch keeps precise time. The Rolex Paraflex (pictured below in detail) is an exclusive and highly precise shock absorber Rolex developed and patented in 2005. Rolex has fitted their movements with shock absorbers since the mid 1930s which protect the escapement and balance wheel from shock that might cause the watch to become less precise if dropped or subjected to violent shocks like if you were to swing a golf club while wearing a Rolex. Rolex developed and designed the precise Paraflex geometry with 3D modeling which guarantees it remains properly and precisely positioned without risk of distortion or deformation.

Rolex Oscillator 

The robust in-house manufactured Rolex Oscillator (pictured below) consists of three superlatively manufactured parts which result in optimal frequency response coupled with peerless reliability: 

    1. Balance staff which is the skinny silver spooled part with the red ruby. A balance staff is highly subject and sensitive to shock, and thus needs to be robustly designed and manufactured.
    2. Large Balance wheel which is the gold outer wheel that features adjustable gold microstella nuts (seen better in second photo below) to ensure it maintains high-precision regulating, which results in increased stability while achieving a perfect balance. 
    3. Parachrom blued hairspring which is exclusive to Rolex barely measures one centimeter in diameter.  This in-house manufactured hairspring is made from a special niobium-zirconium-oxygen alloy and is made in an ultra-hot fusion furnace specifically developed by Rolex physicists and engineers for this purpose. 
The proprietary Rolex oscillator beats at 28,800 times per hour, which breaks down to 8 times per second. This results in supremely precise dependability coupled with exacting accuracy.

When I visited Rolex in Geneva in 2013 and toured all four of their factories I saw the super precise machinery that makes the beautiful cobalt blue Parachrom hairspring which completely blew my mind! The Parachrom hairspring is made from a niobium, zirconium and oxygen alloy which has a melting point of 4350.2° Fahrenheit (2399° Celsius) while maintaining a tensile strength of 330-620 MPa. 

The exclusive Rolex Parachrom is made from a paramagnetic alloy which is immune to magnetic fields which would normally effect a standard ferromagnetic hairspring, and is an order-of-magnitude more resistant to shock than normal hairsprings. The Parachrom hairspring measures 1 centimeter in diameter yet it's finer than a human hair. If you were to uncoil the Parachrom it would form a 20 centimeter ribbon that is 50 microns thick by 150 microns wide.

Rolex points out:

"The outermost coil of the hairspring is curled towards the centre to counter the effects of gravity. This allows perfectly balanced and concentric (isochronous) oscillations of the balance wheel-hairspring assembly and contributes to greater chronometric precision whatever the position of the watch."

Rolex Escapement 

The Rolex escapement (pictured below) is not only a conquest of microtechnology, but what makes the famous 'tick-tock' noise (Think 60 Minutes Stopwatch sound ;-) The 'tick' noise is made by the tooth of the escape wheel locks when they move against the pallets of the lever, then when it is released by the oscillators sweeping motion the pallet fork allows the wheel to 'escape' until is locks against the second pallet which results in the 'tock' noise.

 Rolex profoundly points out: 

"The pallet fork continues its infinite pendular beat against the oblique teeth for the escapement wheel precisely 28,800 times every hour—14,400 'ticks' and 14,400 'tocks'. That's 250 Million times per year! We are at the very heart of the Rolex Perpetual movement, where its pace is distilled with chronometric precision."

In short, the all-new Rolex Submariner is as magnificently beautiful and precisely engineered on the inside as the outside as seen is all these highly detailed illustrative photos.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family: Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich


Tesla Cyber Vehicle Family

Design Concept by Jake Ehrlich

If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex World you may know that I am also a designer. Tesla recently had contest for people to submit ideas for them to make a $25,000 vehicle which I entered. I just published a detailed story on TeslaMagazine.org that shows my design reference I submitted to Elon Musk.

$25,000 Tesla Cyber Mini Concept by Jake Ehrlich

My design reference is based upon the Tesla CyberTruck design language and creates a number of different sized smaller vehicles that can leverage the CyberTruck manufacturing process. If you are interested you can learn much more in my article on TeslaMagazine.org.

Friday, August 20, 2021

24 Hours of Le Mans

Les 24 Heures du Mans gets underway this weekend at the Circuit de la Sarthe, France. The race was delayed from its usual June date to give motorsport fans the chance to attend and watch 62 cars scream down the world-famous Mulsanne Straight at 330km/h. 

The 89th edition of the biggest race in endurance racing will take place on 21 - 22 August. The track is expected to remain mainly dry. There is, however, a risk of storms between 15:00 and 20:00 on Saturday. The winner will take home a black-dial stainless steel Daytona. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Eddie Braun: Pro Hollywood Stuntman



What's the ultimate resistance test a Rolex Explorer can be put through? Hiking a mountain top? Skiing down its slopes? Repelling? River rafting? How about being strapped to the wrist of a Hollywood stunt double, day after day. 

"Stuntman-tested tough." That's Eddie Braun's description of his Rolex Explorer when I interviewed him. Despite his good looks and stunning eloquence, Eddie is the face we never see on movie screens. He has doubled for Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Lee Majors, Chuck Norris, to name a few, in a prolific career spanning four decades. You know you're tough when Chuck Norris calls you to be his stunt double. 

"My Explorer has been totally covered in blood at times. But clean it off and she is good to go," Eddie told me. He wears the watch "pretty much every single day." It's true: I've reviewed B-rolls of Eddie's stunts, and it's not unusual to catch a glimpse of that stainless steel Oyster bracelet as he gets pulled from a crash. 

Eddie is 59, and his seemingly endless list of action credits range from 1980 television classics like The Dukes of Hazzard; The Fall Guy; Magnum, P.I.; Walker, Texas Ranger to big-production films including Transformers, The Avengers, The Green Hornet, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Moneyball, to name a few. In 2002 Eddie was nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award for best stunt coordination for the film Rush Hour 2.

That's Eddie in the car above (and below) for a stunt scene for the movie "The Player."

So, is Eddie Braun a one-watch guy? "I own several other watches, like Pateks, et cetera," Eddie told me. "But I almost never wear them. I always wear my trusty workhorse Rolly." Then he added: "To say I love this watch is an understatement." One of the most famous stuntmen in Hollywood loves wearing an Explorer. Can there be higher praise for the product? 

Below, Eddie's actual Rolex Explorer. I made the small edit because I love that Eddie doesn't "baby" his watch. That makes it more of a family heirloom in my opinion.

Eddie remains long friends with the actors he has doubled for. After all, he has literally taken the fall for them. 

Eddie showed me the caseback of his 1967 Rolex Explorer. The vintage timepiece was gifted to him by Charlie Sheen after Eddie did a dangerous stunt sequence – twice – from the 21st floor while doubling on the actor’s thriller “Shadow Conspiracy.” Engraved on the back: “Eddie, You da man. Love and Peace, Charlie.”

In 2016 Eddie became the only man to ever jump across Idaho’s Snake River Canyon in a rocket, a stunt that his childhood idol, Evel Knievel, attempted but failed in 1974 when he crashed into the river after his parachute deployed too early. Soaring 3,000 feet into the air at about 450 miles per hour, a Rolex Explorer on his wrist, there was a 50-50 chance that Eddie would not survive. 

Slash, the famous guitarist from "Guns N Roses," made a special rendition of "Rocket Man" for Eddie for the occasion.

Eddie has four kids, including one son who is the oldest. "It was my one request had I been blown to bits in the rocket," Eddie told me. "I asked the rescue team to look for the watch for my son regardless of what shape my body was in."

In a one-hour-27-minute Disney Plus original documentary produced by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, which premiered last month on Disney's streaming platform, we can follow Eddie and his team as he prepares for that stunt, widely considered the most dangerous stunt in cinematic history. 

Spoiler alert: My interview took place after the jump, so you can guess the outcome. Still, the documentary is superbly made and not without an edge-of-your-seat build-up as we are taken on a stuntman's journey, a trusty Rolex Explorer on his wrist.