Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Norman Rockwell's What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker) Coming To Auction @ Christie's

Norman Rockwell's

What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker)

Coming To Auction @ Christie's

Hodinkee just published a story about how Norman Rockwell's AMAZING painting, titled, "What makes it Tick? (The Watchmaker)", is coming to auction as part of Christie'sNovember 2017 American Art Auction.

Norman Rockwell's "What Makes It Tick (The Watchmaker)" Painted in 1948

Hodinkee's Nicholas Manousos, wrote:

"In 1948 the Swiss Federation of Watchmakers, now known as the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH), began work on an advertising campaign to raise the profile of Swiss watchmakers globally. The campaign needed an image that would make an immediate impact, communicating relatable aspects of watchmaking to a worldwide audience. They chose American illustrator Norman Rockwell for the job, and the result was an incredible painting of a boy, mesmerized by a watchmaker at the bench."

I definitely recommend heading over to Hodinkee to check out the rest of this great story! I am a huge fan of Norman Rockwell. He was just amazing!!! This painting is estimated to sell for between $4-6 Million...